Thing 2 Has Learned A New Trick


We’ve had the second day of junior high today, which the boy reported WENT JUST GREAT, MOM, and I went back into the gym of the little private school where I teach PE.  All I can say is that the level of enthusiasm for PE was high today.  High enough to make me wish that I had a slightly less exhausting career… something a little gentler, like catching cobras by hand and teaching them to dance to flute music.  I even had one kindergartner stop me today and say, “I’m wearing my hot lava shoes.  They protect my feet from lava, because you never know when you might step in some and burn your leg off.”

(Of course this sent me into a full-scale, Level Five panic, because I DID NOT KNOW THIS!  What if I step in hot lava tonight before I head to bed?!  I need to buy a pair of hot lava shoes for all the protection they offer from this little-known natural disaster!)

And yes.  I know that I SAID I might not post every night this week, but listen.  Apparently I can’t stay away, because I always seem to have plenty of words swimming around in my head, and if I don’t get them out, then Hubs has to listen to them before he goes to bed.

Hubs is very thankful for this blog.

BUT… I am just posting very quick-like tonight, because we have some news!

Thing 2 can sit up all by himself pretty dang well now!

And!  He can do it all alone on the kitchen counters!

Before you smack the speed dial button for the Department of Family Services to stage an intervention and save Thing 2 from his folks, let me tell you that Hubs was there, in the background, all along.  He just stepped out of the camera’s way.  Had Thing 2 decided to arch his back and flip off the counter, Hubs would have caught him.  It’s what Navy SEALS do.  We’re college-educated parents; we know that you should never leave a baby unattended on the kitchen counters for longer than ten minutes.  That’s why Hubs was there.

Thing 2 is five-and-a-half months going on twelve years old.  He is enthralled with the boy and all of the boy’s buddies, and HE wants to be twelve also!  He loves the big boys, and he finally took the bull by the horns and said, “Big boys sit up, and so must I.”

And he did.

Fairly well, even.  Oh, he still tips from time to time, but I think we’ve got this sitting milestone checked off the list of accomplishments.  Thing 2 is goal-oriented.  Next, he wants to drive the boy’s four-wheeler by himself.

And also?

Well, apparently ONE CHILD in our house prefers fresh fruit over the M&Ms.  Hubs and I did something right this time around, I guess, because the boy’s favorite food is still the sugar cane plant and everything that it makes.

Like Twinkies.


We have a bit of a drool problem.  Why do you ask?

(This was our THIRD outfit for today, because all the drool necessitates clothing changes on Thing 2 that rival those of a 3rd grade girl.)

Mmm!  I love those boys of ours!

Y’all have a very happy Tuesday night.

2 thoughts on “Thing 2 Has Learned A New Trick

  1. Congratulations to Thing 2 on his new trick!! The pictures are heart-melting–especially like the ones of Thing 1 and Thing 2!! 🙂

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