Confirming Evidence That YES… I AM a Princess

Do y’all know why I keep on teaching PE?  Because of moments like yesterday.

One of the kindergarten girls grabbed my hand to walk with me, and she said, “You look exactly like Sleeping Beauty!”

Well.  Sometimes you really need a word of truth spoken over you.

(I was just hoping that she meant that I looked exactly like the princess I am, and not that I looked like some exhausted girl with carry-on bags beneath my eyes, who had just spent the morning sleeping, and who rolled out of bed moments before her gym class started.)

(I’m pretty sure she meant PRINCESS.)

The sad thing is that we all eventually grow up, and no one walks into their jobs as an adult  to say, “You know, Jane, you look just like Cinderella after her fairy godmother spiffed her up and dressed her in Armani today.  Can I pour you a cup of coffee?”

This is why I love my kindergarten class… When you’re in kindergarten, you just speak your heart out loud.

And then, on a completely different note and without a good transitional phrase, I have a cartoon for y’all tonight that I saw on Pinterest.

(Oh, Pinterest, you’re killing me.  I can only imagine what would happen if I actually signed up and was able to pin all the stuff I’ll never do and never make and never cook onto a board.  I think it would be exactly like I was an online hoarder.)

But really, this cartoon made me laugh, because my inner nerd GOT IT, and because I was an English major for the first two years of my college career, until I realized that I was probably going to end up teaching 9th grade Composition.  There’s not enough American dollars or Starbucks gift cards in all the world to make me think that I could EVER enjoy reading through dozens and dozens of handwritten essays with poor sentence structure and semicolons in the wrong places and introductory sentences that had nothing to do with the paper’s actual topic.  So, I bailed out of English, and now I teach PE.  And while the Language Arts teacher at our school is home every evening, reading essay after essay after book report, I’m at home in my yoga pants watching Modern Family on Hulu Plus.

(Of course, Hubs likes to quote Jack Black, from School of Rock, and say, “Those who can teach, do; those who can’t, teach gym.”)

(Hubs is a comedian.)

Y’all have a good weekend.

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