Having TWO Is My Favorite. THESE TWO Are My Favorites!

Do you know what’s popping up all over the blogging industry?

(I ask this like I’m some expert in the blogging industry, and y’all!  That couldn’t be further from the truth, because listen:  I have a blog, but I am blogging illiterate.  This is evidenced by the fact that the dashboard on my Word Press has forty-seven hundred buttons that you can click on, and I have NO IDEA what will happen if I do, so I avoid accidentally hitting one of them like the plague, lest the whole blog explode and go dark.)

But what I’ve noticed here and there and everywhere is that people will do a Friday’s Five Favorites post, where they list their five favorite things of the week.  And they do this on Fridays, because obviously it makes zero sense to do a Friday’s Five Favorites post on a Monday.

And whenever I see a post like this, I always think to myself, “Um, yeah.  My list would be the same, week after week after week.”

So here it is:  My Friday Five Favorites on a Monday, because I’ve never been all that great at following the blogging rules of etiquette.

1.  My boys.  Mmm, how I love them.  I think it all comes because Hubs and I had intentions of filling our house right up with little children who would grow up to spill red juice on our carpets and write on our walls with Sharpies.  And then Jesus had other plans for us, and He gave us just the boy.  And we learned to be content with just one kid to terrorize the cats and cut giant branches off the neighbor’s tree with Hubs’ ENORMOUS pliers.  Jesus’ other plans for us were simply the word WAIT.  And, without even knowing that we were waiting, we WERE WAITING.  And then Thing 2 showed up, and oh my!  Our hearts are full around here, because two boys pretty much makes me sob with all the preciousness.

2.  Hubs.  I would never have picked Hubs when we were in high school together.  His spirit was a little more adventurous than mine was.  He never thought twice about cutting class to hit the reservoir with the boat and the punch.  He never thought twice about “losing his car keys” and staying out all night “until he found them.”  I NEVER cut a SINGLE class (nerd, nerd, nerd), because WHAT IF IT WENT ON MY COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT?!  And I never missed my curfew because I always knew where my keys were at.  Oh, Hubs was CUTE in high school.  Sweet mercy, he was cute!  And then Jesus decided to shove us together after we’d both graduated from college and returned to Small Town, USA.  And I’m very happy about how things panned out.  Hubs makes me laugh like no one else on this planet can do.  He makes my heart happy, he makes my heart full, he makes my heart smile.  (Good grief.  Things are as mushy as oatmeal here, aren’t they?)

3.  Our families.  Everyone, except for Hubs’ sister, Aunt Pink, lives right here in Small Town, USA.  Aunt Pink doesn’t live here because she has a master’s degree and twenty other gigantic titles behind her name that all spell out THEATER LIGHTING EXPERT.  She does lights for an opera house in a MAJOR, MAJOR CITY, because Small Town can’t offer much here, except for, “Hey, Aunt Pink!  The bulb burned out in the projector, and we’re late getting The Odd Life of Timothy Green started here at the movie house.”  But all of the boys’ uncles and other aunts are here.  All of their grandparents are here.  Their great-grandmother is here.  And their cousins… oh, the cousins!… all live here, too.  What a blessing it is to have our families here, and it’s not a blessing that I take for granted.  I appreciate it wholly.

4.  My yoga pants.  When the black yoga pants come on, it signals the end of the day.  It means I’m not going out of the house again.  It means that I may throw myself on the sofa and not move.  It means I don’t have jeans on when the bag of pretzel M&Ms comes out.  Hallelujah!

5.  A time such as this.  In the book of Esther, it says that she was born for “a time such as this,” and goodness!  This is my time, because I am a lover of electricity and hairdryers and air conditioning and furnaces and refrigerators and clean, running water and hot showers and advanced medicine and Clorox and SOAP and grocery stores, over the whole concept of hunting and gathering, and pretzel M&Ms and having a Suburban over a horse-pulled chariot that I had to stand upright in.  Just recently, Hubs told me, “You and I could never be on one of those reality survival shows together, because you would be the first one dead.”  He probably has a point, because if I had to gut my own deer and saw through those bones to get a meal, I would simply starve to death, and I’d be the first one to catch giardia because I’d used my water filter incorrectly.

So there you have it.  My five favorite things.  That list will be the same as next week… and the week after that.  Except, if I was brave enough, I’d add my girlfriends to the list and shoot for six things.

Rule breaker.  Perhaps I could have dated Hubs in high school after all.  But I would honestly have to add my girlfriends to the list, because listen:  LOVE.  THEM.  And sometimes I need to sit and chat with them over a cup of no-water chai tea, because Hubs just doesn’t have any opinion about the cutest way to tie a scarf around your neck, and he doesn’t even know who Prince William married.

And now, we have news!

Today we went back to court to appear before the judge with our sweet attorney, Deb, and all of the official paperwork was signed for Thing 2’s adoption.


(Apparently we have to keep him, as there’s no getting rid of him now.)

(Psst!  I don’t really mind keeping him.   Not at all!)

(I kind of like him, actually.)

(Kind of A LOT.)

In our state, adoptions are finalized when the baby is six months old.  Today, Thing 2 went from being a ward of the state, who didn’t even technically have a real name, because he was simply known as Baby Boy Number Such-and-Such, although we were allowed to  name him and PRETEND it was his real name.  Today, though, Thing 2 stepped into the name he’s had for six entire months LEGALLY.

That baby is a done deal.  And our hearts are full.

Hubs and I sprang the boy out of school for a bit this morning, so that he could appear in court with us.  After all, it was the boy’s faith that brought Thing 2 to us.  Thing 2, you see, is a miracle baby, and some day soon I am going to write the entire miracle out, right here at Jedi Mama, Inc.  I’ve been meaning to do it FOR FOREVER, but it’s very difficult to condense a breath-taking miracle into written words.  I’ll work on it, because it’s a story that should be shared.

Here are my three boys in the parking lot of the courthouse.  Hubs is growing his hockey beard early.  For the record, I am not a fan of the bearded men, but every year Hubs announces, “I’ll shave when the Colorado Avalanche raise the Stanley Cup above their heads!”  And then, every year, the Avs disappoint Hubs until he yells at them and says, “Those stupid ice skaters can’t beat their way out of a paper sack!”  And then he ends up shaving anyway, because it’s summer, and no one wants to have a beard in all the heat, and then he goes back to loving the Avalanche ice skaters again.

I made the boys pose in front of the courtroom doors, because of PRESERVING A MEMORY HERE, PEOPLE!

Because getting Thing 2 all started with the faith of the boy, our attorney and the judge drew up paperwork that HE could sign.  The boy’s signature is now legal and binding, and that baby is ours.

(I think this means that when Thing 2 is 15 and misbehaving, Hubs and I can look at the 27-year-old boy and say, “Um, YOU signed for him.  We packed his bags, and he’s moving into your apartment with you.”)

We all posed for a quick family picture, while the boys’ grandparents and Sister and Little Cousin H and Aunt Pink, who was in town for the occasion, looked on and CLAPPED, CLAPPED, CLAPPED!

And then the judge gave the boy several chocolate candy bars, which made him consider maybe one day pursuing a career in the law.

I didn’t even have the strength to shoot his newly-established career choice down by saying, “Attorneys and judges READ, READ, READ!  Because OH MY WORD at all the reading you will have to do.”

I’ll just let that be a little surprise for him.

And?  Did I mention?  Well, having two boys is one of my very favorite things, whether it’s a Friday or a Monday.

Happy Monday, y’all.

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