How To Say Absolutely Nothing Important In Less Than 800 Words


I got my early bedtime last night.  I crawled into bed at 8:45, and I played a couple of words on my phone, until I realized that EVERYONE was beating me.  My pride could only take so much, so I threw my phone onto my nightstand, and I fell asleep before 9:00.

9:00, people.  Out cold.

(Also?  I was beating one person in Words With Friends.  It’s our pastor.  And I’d really like to walk with Jesus and be humble, but did you not hear?  I BEAT PASTOR JOHN IN WORDS WITH FRIENDS YESTERDAY!  This happens approximately once out of every four hundred and nine games, and so I did have a bit of a smug expression on my face when I went to sleep last night.)

(Humble, schmumble.)

(For the record, EVERYONE ELSE was beating me.)

(Somehow, I expect that my pride will be walking ahead of my fall, because Pastor John laid down some pricy little letter tiles this morning in our  new game.  Pastor John is the man who gets 7 tiles, just like everyone else, and then he spells PHOTOSYNTHESIS across a triple word square.)

(And also?  Does the world even still play Words With Friends?  Because I live in a small corner of it, and I’m addicted.  Or, in other words, I’m addicted to loss, because I am always the girl with two U’s, the V, and a significant number of A’s.)

(Yes.  I aced grammar and spelling, and I KNOW that you don’t need apostrophes up there, but typing U’s as Us, which is LITERALLY HOW IT WOULD BE, makes it look like “us.”  As in, you and me together.  And I didn’t have a couple of uses.  And now it looks like USES, as in THERE ARE MULTIPLE USES FOR VINEGAR IN THE HOME, STARTING WITH SALAD DRESSING AND ENDING WITH WINDOW CLEANING.)

(I’m just going to stop now, before I’ve thoroughly confused everyone.)

I did manage to fall asleep by 9:00 last night and here’s where the Christmas gift part comes through, because I am here to tell you that I slept from 9 PM to 6 AM without waking up.  Not once.  I think the last time I did that, I was seven.

I considered last night a Sleep Victory.

And then today, Thing 2 and I went to Bible study.  Thing 2 tried the nursery out for the first time ever, and he sat there on the floor, wide-eyed and in total shock that his mother would leave him in the middle of a pen in the zoo, where two babies were howling like monkeys who’ve had their tails slammed in the gate.  I fired off a text to Hubs and said, “Thing 2 is locked in the nursery.  We’ll see how long he lasts before the gals in there kick him out for his loud personality, or for beating up a smaller baby.”

Thing 2 lasted the entire time.  When I picked him up, the girl even told me, “He was a very good boy.”

I wanted to record her voice saying this, so that I could replay it for his kindergarten teacher in 2017 when she calls me and Hubs and says, “Can we talk about Thing 2 and how I have moved his desk into the hallway for the remainder of the school year?”

After Bible study, I taught PE.  I teach pre-kindergarten through 4th grade in PE, and I am suddenly thinking that my spiritual gift is in pre-k, because MY WORD at all the cuteness!  This afternoon, one little fellow grabbed my hand and said, “I like you.  I like you a LOT!  I cried yesterday because my teacher said we weren’t coming to the gym with you.  I’ve never cried at school before.”

He just earned himself an A+ in PE forever.

And then the boy had soccer tonight.  I didn’t take many pictures, because the sun was at a weird angle, and I can’t even take pictures without sun flare.  Add some sun flare, and I just get black squares on my memory card where the picture was supposed to be.

But, I did pop off a couple of cute non-action shots during the game.

The game that we lost, 2 to 5.

Those three boys were just standing there, right in front of me, lost in conversation and the thoughts of 6th graders.

Thing 2 went to the soccer game, too.  He thought that it was incredibly riveting, and then he tipped over and went to sleep.  This surprised everyone, because Thing 2 is what you might call a NON-NAPPER.

And here’s a couple of goofballs after the game…

And that pretty much sums up our day.

I’m going to head to bed now and keep my fingers crossed that I have some decent letters in my Words With Friends games, because I’ve learned something about myself lately.

I actually ENJOY winning at nerdy word games.

Y’all have a happy Tuesday evening.

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