I Wrote This Post Tonight And, Contrary To Popular Belief, I DIDN’T Even Take A Benadryl Before Doing It

Do you know how great things happen during the day, and you take a hundred pictures, and life is fantastic, and WOW!, you have something to blog about that evening?


That’s not tonight.

(Also?  Can you put a comma after an exclamation point, like I did with WOW up there?  Because I’m pretty sure that somewhere an English professor just suffered a stroke.)

(That’s the beauty of having your college diploma long behind you.  You can mix your punctuation however you feel like mixing it.)

(The downfall is that you have a stroke victim on your conscience.)

(And having your college diploma LONG BEHIND YOU also means that you’re probably old enough that your estrogen has gotten its own driver’s license and taken over, and BLAM!  You’re suddenly growing a mustache every month on the right side of your upper lip and finding out that you’ve got to include a Lip Wax in the monthly budget.)

Anyway and therefore and so forth and such as.

People, I have nothing grand to write about tonight, even though it was a fine day.

I had coffee with my friend Peggy this morning, and we talked so fast, we left a trail of smoke behind us at her dining room table.  And I taught PE.  And I announced to Hubs, “Listen.  The boy has to make a 3D model of a cell for science class this week, and you’re on duty.  I’m pretty sure that I signed a pre-mothering agreement stating I DO NOT DO SCIENCE PROJECTS EVER, PERIOD.  Good luck at the craft store; he needs a Styrofoam ball to represent the cell, and I get hives just walking INTO the craft store.”

And that was today.  And honestly, I’ve had my blog page open here for a sweet forever, and I’ve been staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write.  And then I had some coffee ice cream, because the Schwan’s man stopped by yesterday and said, “$1.50 off coffee-flavored ice cream!”  And do you know what I told him?  YES, PLEASE.  And after ice cream with Hubs, I tried to write something again.  And then I loaded the dishwasher.  And then I tried to write something else.  And then I remembered something I saw on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago.

Y’all have a great Wednesday night.

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