Perfectly Ordinary. Perfectly Great.

Today was just an ordinary day.

I kind of like ordinary days.  They get squished in between all the big days, and the big events, and the days when you pull your hair out by the roots and wonder if you shouldn’t maybe take up smoking, because you took the kids into Walmart, and the boy asked for nineteen different forms of junk food and Thing 2 decided that POOP?  HECK YES!  And while he was at it, he decided to do it proper-like, and blew his diaper out, which made you think you were staring Armageddon in the face while you were in the family bathroom.

Ordinary days are to be treasured.

Thing 2 woke up earlier than normal today… not quite 5:30.  I got him up out of his crib, made him a bottle, and brought him into our room to snuggle in our bed for a bit.

He fell back asleep.

There isn’t anything like cuddling a sleeping baby.  My heart could explode from all the sweetness.

At 6:30, I got the boy up.  I packed him a lunch that he declared after school was the best lunch of EVER!  It was a Caesar salad and some yogurt and some crackers and a cheese stick.  I hesitated to send a salad as his main course, because the boy has no qualms about throwing away an entire meal  if he doesn’t like the way it looks.  But today… I was golden!  Score!  Home run!  He LOVED the salad, and he asked for another one tomorrow.  He was a bit bummed, though, because one of the kids at his lunch table in the cafeteria had a whole Hershey’s bar in his lunchbox.  The boy suggested that I could counterbalance the healthy salad with chocolate tomorrow.

Thing 2 sat in his swing at home, which he loves less than the park swings.  But he was happy.

I did laundry.

I unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it with the dirties.

I picked up three stray socks, which made me wonder where the fourth one was hiding.

I wrestled Thing 2 around on the sofa until he squealed and probably wet his pants with all the laughing.

I vacuumed.

I mopped.

I worked on my Bible study homework.

Thing 2 and I made sandwiches and drove them out to Hubs’ new office, so that we could eat with him.

I packed Hubs a Twinkie in his lunch.  The boy thinks I love Hubs more because of this.  The honest truth is I forgot we even had a Twinkie left in our house when I packed the boy’s lunch this morning.  When I found it later, while I was packing Hubs’ lunch, I realized that the Twinkie had probably reached its expiration date, but honestly?  Can a snack food item that’s filled with THAT MANY NASTY PRESERVATIVES ever go bad?

Thing 2 and I ran some errands.

We picked the boy up from school.

We stopped at Christy’s house and said hello and let the kids run wild for a bit.  Christy and I sat on her front porch and watched our big boys act like young monkeys hopped up on amphetamines in her yard.

Thing 2 wished that HE could run wild.  Thing 2 is six months old, going on twelve years.  The big boys had a fabulous time together.  They always do, and Thing 2 wanted in on the action!

We came home and practiced spelling words.  Then the boy told me that he needed a Styrofoam ball, because he is making a 3D cell for his science class homework.  I had to sit down for a moment and breathe slowly in and out of a paper sack, because THAT sounded a whole lot like a craft.

Crafts make me lightheaded.

I did another load of laundry.

And I cleaned a bathroom.  Just one.  Even though both of the bathrooms needed a good scouring.

I made Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip for Hubs, because his Broncos were playing, and I treated him to an evening of junk food to go along with his game.  I mixed cream cheese and chicken and blue cheese and hot sauce and more hot sauce and spices together and baked it.  My eyeballs turned to ash from just inhaling the spicy fumes while I was doing all the mixing.

I didn’t eat Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip on crackers for dinner, because the recipe lost me at SPICY BUFFALO.  I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Thing 2 got a bath.  And a bottle.  And I rocked him to sleep, even though the experts say that you should place an awake baby in his crib so that he learns to fall asleep by himself.  What do the experts know?  I need to tell them that in the blink of an eye, Baby will be all grown up and that’ll be that, and there will be no more rocking in the rocking chair.  I will rock Thing 2 to sleep every night, until he starts junior high.  Or maybe I’ll quit earlier.  We’ll play it by ear.  But honestly?  I TREASURE our rocking time each night, because the boy has taught me that sons grow up, and they do it quickly.

I tucked the boy in.  I kissed him good-night.  Sadly, he didn’t want me to rock him.  (See, Experts?  He can put himself to sleep just fine, and I rocked him until he weighed 40 pounds!)

I chatted with Hubs, because I really like Hubs.  He makes me laugh.

And now it’s time to head to bed myself.

Yes, it was just an ordinary day, and I want to remember how wonderful ordinary days can be.  They’re every bit as special as Big Event Days.

And… I just happen to have a few snapshots that I took over the weekend.

Y’all have a happy and ORDINARY Monday night.

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