Nine Months Ago Today, He Finally Arrived…


Someone is officially nine months old today.

Nine!  Months!  When we found out that Thing 2 was a very real possibility, we had nine weeks to wait for him to be born.  It was the longest nine weeks of my life; there wasn’t a single moment that I didn’t wish he was JUST HERE ALREADY during that wait.  It was longer than all seven-and-three-fourths months that I was pregnant with the boy.  Hubs and I agreed that the wait seemed so different this second time, because we knew we’d have the boy when he was born; with Thing 2, there was the element of having faith that his birth mom was going to actually sign him over to us the day he was born.

And she did.

And now?  Well, these have been some of the VERY FASTEST nine months that we’ve ever lived through.  The miracle of having two boys is a blessing that can make me gasp for air.

I thought about baking a cake to celebrate the nine-month milestone, but Thing 2 actually seemed quite happy to just eat a handful of cat food, a chunk of newspaper, and half of a baby wipe today instead.

Who needs a sugary birthday cake when you have delicacies like he found this morning?

(For the record… just so the Department of Family Services KNOWS… I fished the newspaper chunk and the baby wipe chunk OUT OF his mouth.  I wasn’t so lucky with the cat food today.  Hubs and I stand on the rock that is this simple fact, though:  Our cats are spoiled, and we only buy HIGH QUALITY cat food for them, which costs what a filet Mignon with a side of garlic-and-herb roasted potatoes would cost in a posh restaurant.  We’re relieved that it’s a very real possibility that Thing 2 is getting some nutritional value out of his snacks with the kitties.)

And I have gotten several requests to write out the miracle of Thing 2 and put it here, on the blog.  And by several requests, I mean numerous.  I’ve been toying with that idea for quite a long while now.  It’s one of the grandest miracles of ever.  The Israelites had their parting of the Red Sea and their manna; the paralytic and the woman with the bleeding disorder saw their own miracles at the hem of Jesus’ robes.  Hubs and the boy and I had Thing 2, and it was a year ago that the miracle began.

It seems only right that his story should be told this month, so hold me to it, people.  I imagine that Jedi Mama, Inc. could take a break from the daily nonsense written here and TALK SOME SERIOUS next week.  It’ll have to be done in segments, though, because of OH MY WORD!  LONG STORY!  I’ll try to get it all started this weekend, unless I spend the weekend in my pajamas, looking at gray rugs and yellow throw pillows on Pinterest.  If THAT happens, I can’t make any promises.

Y’all have a happy Wednesday evening.

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