This Is NOT The Post Full Of Christmas Photos


I was all set to write a Christmas recap post tonight, complete with amateur-like snapshots, and then I realized that having Thing 2 in our house is pretty much like having an eight-legged octopus in our house.

(I suppose I didn’t need to say “eight-legged” and “octopus” in the same sentence, because really?  Isn’t that implied?)

(Obviously, I haven’t written anything for several days, and I’m already rambling.)

(My apologies.)

Thing 2 can grab anything and everything, no matter how far away it is.  He spins his eight arms like an octopus ninja, and he’s got the books out of the bookcase, the Scentsy waxes out of their baskets, the toys out of his toy box, toys floating in the toilet, and the cat food dish emptied.  He can accomplish all of this while I’m stirring creamer into my cup of coffee, and it’s full-on, he’s-got-a-fire-under-his-Pampers all day long.

So no Christmas recap tonight, because MeMaw hasn’t moved as fast as she chased Thing 2 around today in years.

(That scent you inhale tonight is my Ben Gay cream.)


I sent the boy skiing with our friends, Deb and Tony, and a large herd of teenagers to a ski resort halfway across the continent (or so it feels).  Deb fired off a text to me this evening that said, “The boy rode up the canyon with Kit and reported that Kit has great music.  Kit said that the boy is pretty awesome for a little guy.”

Kit would be Deb’s twenty-year-old son.

Suddenly I’m worried about the musical influences.

But then, why should I be?  The first song the boy ever sang, at the age of eighteen months, was AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.”

I blame Hubs for that.

Surely a twenty-year-old can’t do any greater damage than that.

At any rate, the boy will be gone for several days, and I will be tending to the live, out-of-the-water octopus at our house during the daytime alone.

I’m pretty sure this is why our house looks like it’s been ransacked and robbed this evening… except it HASN’T BEEN ransacked and robbed.  It’s just been hit by Thing 2, and doesn’t everyone have empty bookcases and floors covered with thick novels?  Doesn’t everyone’s toilet have a plastic Cookie Monster doing the backstroke in it?  Don’t y’all have kitchen floors covered with cat food because WHY BOTHER PICKING IT UP WITH THING 2 IN THE HOUSE?!

With any luck at all, I will be back in the pilot’s seat here at Jedi Mama, Inc. again soon.  And THEN you can hear all about our Christmas, because I’m sure exactly one of you is waiting with bated breath.

Y’all have a happy Thursday evening and stay warm.

1 thought on “This Is NOT The Post Full Of Christmas Photos

  1. You knew I was waiting with baited breath, didn’t you?

    Plus, I had to tell you that I laughed out loud about the BenGay comment because it smells like that nearly nightly, thanks to the apparent old lady that I’m married to. Geez!!


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