The Pictures Are Adorable. The Writing Is As Uninteresting As A Science Textbook. I Thought I Should Be Honest And Warn You.

Hubs and the boy are outside, while we speak.  It’s dark-thirty.  It’s cold.  And the boy read something about sun radiation and one hundred thousand years in his textbook tonight, and then I sort of blanked out as he was talking, because SCIENCE!  ALL THE SCIENCE!  And then talk of the sun led to talk of the planets, which led to, “Hey, Dad?  Let’s take the Hubble out tonight.”

And because Hubs owns a telescope that is actually big enough to be its own space station, they loaded it up onto a trailer and took it outside.

(Okay; so I exaggerated just a bit there.  The Hubble needs nothing more than a small wagon to get it pulled outside.)

The boys invited me to come out and just take a look at the night sky through the glass and mirrors that magnify everything one-point-nine billion times.  I was all, “It’s cold.  And if I get cold this late at night, I’m going to need to just drive down to Starbucks for a little mermaid cup of hot goodness.”

So I stayed indoors.

And why I’m telling you this is beyond me, but now you know what the big boys are doing at the Jedi Manor, right! this! second!

And what am I doing?  Well, I’m sitting here at my Big Mac computer, wondering what I could possibly have to say in a blog post tonight.  So far, I’m coming up with NOTHING, spelled out in giant, capital letters.  And maybe I should even use the BOLD option on it.


I have nothing to write about this evening.

That’s surprising, because just this morning I told Hubs six stories about six different events, and we realized that by 6:30 AM, I had already used 118,000 words, and Hubs had used exactly EIGHT WORDS.

Y’all should see what happens after I’ve had my caffeine.

So, with nothing to write about, I’m just going to give you some snapshots.

Hubs’ mama bought Thing 2 a little monster outfit, and I nearly swooned at the cuteness that hat brings to the party.

And then I thought I’d ask y’all, Is it any wonder I get nothing done around our house?  Because LOOK AT THAT BABY!  He’s so adorable and yummy, and his lips are so kissable, that I’m easily distracted with him.  Sometimes we just get busy making memories together, while the chores are neglected.

My washing machine has cobwebs from all the disuse, but the baby has been kissed about twenty-five times every single minute of today.

And that’s a wrap for tonight.  If Hubs and the boy discover a new planet, I’ll let you know.  At least they’re searching the night sky for REAL THINGS, which is more than I can say about all the Big Foot watching that goes on around here.

And just as I typed the words REAL THINGS, it dawned on me that the two of them are probably going to run into the house and let me know that they’re fairly certain they saw the Star Trek ship floating around by Neptune.  And that it was being chased down by some other ship with big-eyed, green creatures driving it.

Carry on, people.

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