The Sick Ward Had Some Discharges Today And The Angels Sang Hallelujah

Guess who has kicked Influenza A to the curb?

And when boys feel better, they like to play together.

And when boys feel better, Mama can get out and about.  I actually showered today, people.  I showered.  I used the hot rollers in my hair.  I threw all the pajama bottoms into the washing machine.  I wore jeans.  And a dressier T-shirt.  I even traded in my slippers for SHOES!  And then I went off to teach PE, looking better than Taylor Swift could ever  hope to look.  Her blonde mane had nothing on my hot roller victory this morning.

And do you know what happened in the gym today?  Well.  One of my second graders had the queen mother of all knots in his sneaker.  I helped him get it out.  It was so awful, I had to grind the tip of one of my school keys into it.  I thought we might just have to cut the shoelace out of the shoe and be done with it, but perseverance paid off.  WINNER!  WINNER!  CHICKEN DINNER!  I threw my hands into the air to signal to the judges to call TIME.  I had a total sweep in the knot rodeo.  I knew the scoreboard was going to flash an outstanding accomplishment; the other second graders were ready to cheer and throw the confetti on me.

When I handed the little fellow his sneaker back…

…he said thank you…

…he said, “Man!  That was a tough one, wasn’t it?”…

…and then he promptly sneezed all over my face.

I was afraid the flying confetti would stick to the sneeze residue.

Thankfully, I am armored up with the Tamiflu, people.

Y’all have a happy Tuesday night.

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