More Pictures Than Your Great Aunt Edna Ever Showed You Of Her Trip To The Grand Canyon

Do y’all remember earlier this week when I eluded to the fact that the boy was a bit tired? And then I didn’t even really give you any explanation, because I like to be mysterious like that.

You don’t remember?  That’s plum alright, because I barely remember anything from earlier this week either.  Except I do remember that on Monday (when I wasn’t in Disneyland), I ate sub-par pizza at a pizza place in Bigger Town that was supposed to be delicious.  Only it wasn’t delicious, and I felt like I’d been robbed of a fantastic pizza experience.

But yes.  The boy started Spring Break with a fundraiser for the cute neighbor boy’s church.  It involved a group of ten boys who stayed awake all night long, rocking in rocking chairs.  They collected pledges and sponsors, to raise money for missionaries.  And then they brought an unholy amount of junk food into the church’s basement, as well as enough electronic equipment to make NASA sit up and say, “Well.  We hardly have anything with buttons and cables at all, compared to those kids.”

The boys also brought in their Bibles for a midnight Bible study.  They brought in books and DVDs and video games galore.  They hauled sleeping bags and blankets and eleventy-one-thousand pillows with them.  And then they themselves came in with enthusiasm, grins and excitement.

The two chaperones came in with substantially less.  I think they had their pockets lined with packages of No-Doz tablets and bottles of Visine for Tired Eye Relief.  Their steps were a bit LESS bouncy, but they were smiling, nonetheless.

The plan was simple:  The boys would rock in their chairs from 7 PM to 7 AM, without falling asleep.  And people paid them money to do this, so that they could send support checks to missionaries who are out there, living in poverty and spreading the Gospel to those who need to hear it.

Hubs and Thing 2 and I dropped the boy off with his cousins and his friends.  All of these boys have hung out together for years; the majority of them have done the Rock-a-Thon for a couple of years together now.

Naturally, I took my camera and snapped pictures of everyone, because it’s what I do.  As Hubs always says, “If we don’t have photos of it, it didn’t happen.”

There’s the boy.  See those teeth?  Yeah.  He’s getting braces in April, and we’ll be eating air, with a side of air for our dinners, so that we can pay for them.

There’s Cousin W.  He doesn’t really need braces.

And there’s Bode.

And Cousin M.

And Bridger.

Oh!  And LOOK!  There’s our cute neighbor boy!

And there’s Enzo.  Enzo gave me his “tough-guy” pose, which means he didn’t smile.  But, my word!  Doesn’t he look tough?  And handsome, too!

Justin came with a rocking chair, too.

And so did Cousin B and Brock, but they didn’t show up until later.  Their school had a (ahem!) SCHOOL DANCE, and they decided to try to win the ladies over with their impressions of John Travolta in Saturday Night Live.

I asked B on Saturday morning if he’d danced with GIRLS.  Do you know what the little darling told me?  He said, “Well, yes, because I didn’t dance with BOYS!”  When did our little boys grow up to be big enough to attend 6th grade dances?

I snapped a bazillion pictures before 7 PM, when the boys were getting set up and ready.

There were a few issues with the cords and the TV.  I think the issues happened because there were seventy-seven thousand cords and just one television.  I think it might have been on Cord Overload, which kept it from working as the boys had envisioned it working.  Hubs was there, though, and if Hubs can’t get a piece of electronic equipment to work, said piece of electronic equipment DOESN’T work.

See?  Hubs saved the day.  Or the night, as it happened to be.

Thing 2 found Cousin W’s mother load of game controllers.

At 6:59 PM, Mr. Bill (who is the grandpa to Cousins W, B and M, and the Rock-a-Thon’s chaperone) passed out Red Vines.

Let the sugar overload begin!

Thing 2 sat down at 7 PM and said, “You know, I’m kind of tired.  I don’t think I’m going to make it all night.”  And he slid down to the floor for a little rest.

And with that, Hubs and I picked up our baby, and we went home.

Because we hadn’t been dumb enough to sign up as chaperones.

The next pictures were taken in the middle of the night.  Mr. Bill took them, because I wasn’t there.  I was at home, SLEEPING.

Oh, look!  There’s visual proof that everyone was still awake shortly after 2 AM!

And then things started to fall apart.  All of these snapshots happened AFTER 2:00 in the morning.

Some of the crew was still going strong, though.

Except?  Does Enzo look JUST A TITCH SLEEPY?!  And is the cute neighbor boy starting to lean sideways ever so slightly?

And is that Cousin B over there on the left, SLEEPING WHILE HE’S ROCKING?!  Or is he simply praying for enough strength to go on?  And look at the boy!  That’s the Eye of the Tiger, right there.  He’s in it to win it!

Hubs and I showed up at 7 AM to collect our big boy, and I popped off some more snapshots.

Good morning, Sleepyhead!

And there’s the whole gang.

And they’re all AWAKE for this photo!  Although, the word on the street (according to the chaperones) is that Cousin W and the boy were the only two who never fell asleep at all.  Cousin B and Enzo disputed that claim, stating that neither one of them fell asleep, either!  B kept yelling, “W counted the time when I just LAID SIDEWAYS IN MY ROCKER!  I wasn’t asleep!”

W shouted out, “You were SNORING, Little Brother!  Awake people don’t snore!”

We don’t have any photographic evidence to prove that B, Enzo, or the cute neighbor boy dozed off at all.  I think it could go to a jury trial.

The boys had a blast.  They laughed; they whooped; they hollered.  They ate enough sugar to kill a buffalo dead.  They played an obscene amount of video games.  They had a Bible study in the middle of the night with Mr. Bill.  They collected lots of pledges and donations of dollars.  And they did it all for a fantastic cause.  Their efforts will help missionaries share Jesus with those who  need to hear about Him the most.

This is what happened at our house a few minutes after we brought the boy home last Saturday morning:

He had JUST told Hubs and me that he wasn’t tired… not even one small bit.  I encouraged him to JUST LIE DOWN FOR A FEW MINUTES.  Two minutes later, I took this picture of him!

Good job, boys.  I’m proud of all y’all.  You did a good thing!

And then…

…because it’s an enormous photo-dump sort of night here at Jedi Mama, Inc., I thought I’d throw in some pictures that I just took today.  It was sixty-two degrees here in Small Town, USA this afternoon, so I threw our deck doors open… I put a baby gate at our deck stairs… and Thing 2 played and played and PUH-LAYED on our deck.  He played out there for two entire hours, and I couldn’t resist snapping pictures of him.

He is the most outdoor kind of baby Hubs and I have ever seen.  He LOVES to be outside.

And… BECAUSE HE IS A BOY… Thing 2 brought me all kinds of tiny little sticks and branches that have blown onto our deck over the weekend.

Even when they’re just a year old, boys still love to collect sticks and show their prizes to their mamas!  It makes my heart happy.

Thing 2 had a blast outside today.

And that’s a wrap for this enormous photo dump tonight, people.

Y’all have a blessed Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Just remember that the grave couldn’t hold Him.  And we didn’t deserve it.  But we got it anyway.  And that’s a very good thing, indeed.

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