The Birthday Boy

I don’t know how it happened, but our baby turned one today.

(He ate enough sugar to kill a horse.  It’s probably why he’s still awake at 8:30 tonight, jumping on his trampoline, when his normal bedtime is 7:00.)

(We’re hoping the sugar wears off before midnight.)

And, people?  Our hearts are full.

Happy birthday, Thing 2.  Your mama and your daddy and your big brother all love you to pieces!

1 thought on “The Birthday Boy

  1. What a darling picture. Happy Birthday Big Boy! I see what you mean about Thing 2 someday carrying horses and dump trucks around on his back. Good heavens, that kid has some muscles, doesn’t he? So glad to see him interested in eating something after being sooooo sick for soooooo long. Thank heavens SOMEBODY invented purple Pedialyte!!

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