Easter 2013

So.  Apparently I took a lot of snapshots on Easter Sunday, which surprises no one.  It only surprised me, when I had to sit down tonight at the computer and resize them to something the blog can handle.  There were so many, and all the photo-shrinking took so long, I’m pretty sure I had a birthday and grew some wrinkles in my chin while I was working.

No matter.

Our Easter was good.  In fact, it was REALLY good.  Thing 2 woke us up early, because he believes he’s a farmer and needs to get up before the sun does so that he can accomplish some chores or something.  And then, in what will go down as the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF OUR PARENTING CAREERS, Hubs and I had to wake the boy up on Easter morning.  I guess when you’re a tween, you prefer sleeping in over an early-morning hunt to find cheap, plastic eggs.

When the Easter Bunny came to our house yesterday, he hid those eggs indoors, too.  Don’t judge him.  We heard he’s kind of a wiener, who doesn’t like COLD MORNING TEMPERATURES.  Every bunny has their preferences.  I just hope he got a good cup of Starbucks’ best chai tea before he headed back home.

After our boys discovered their baskets and found their eggs and ingested enough sugar to guarantee that they’d be unable to sit still, we went to church, where Pastor John rocked the stage for Jesus.

And then we had Easter lunch at Mam and Pa’s house with Sister and her family, who are no longer in Disneyland.  The kids all dyed eggs together, and then (because of WARMER AFTERNOON TEMPS!) they took turns hiding the eggs outside and hosting their own egg hunts.

And then we went out to Grammy and Papa’s house, where we met up with Brother and his family.  We had Easter supper, because that is how we roll.  We like ham and hot rolls and potatoes so much, so we gobbled them up… twice!  Grammy and Papa’s Easter Bunny was up and at ’em early, and apparently he had a jacket on and built a fire in a nearby garbage can to warm his paws up by, because he hid the eggs outside.  The kids all raced through the woods, finding eggs and scoring candy.

Except for Thing 2.  Thing 2 found a stick, and because he has a stick-loving, Y chromosome, the egg hunt was done for him.  Put a fork in it.  The stick was a whole lot better than searching for brightly-colored eggs.

Hubs and our two boys and I rolled home last night, full and content and happy.  It was a fantastic Easter Sunday for us.

And now… if you’ve believe that you had to suffer through your Aunt Edna’s slide show of her trip to the Grand Canyon in 1987, where she used the slide projector and showed everything on the wall of her avocado-green family room and bored you to tears for the better part of three hours, think again.  This will go down as the Great Easter Photo Dump of ’13.

I just wish I could show it to y’all with a slide projector, because I always LOVED pushing the little button to advance to the next one!


This is also going to go down as the Easter In Which I Apparently Took Countless Snapshots Of The BACKS Of Kids’ Heads, Instead Of Their Faces.  And that, my friends, will make the lengthy slide show just THAT MUCH MORE INTERESTING!

Our boys, all spit-shined and dressed up for church on Easter morning.

And here’s the entire gang at Mam and Pa’s house.  Sister and I made them sit on the back step, and we made them use their best manners for the camera.

We had some outtakes.

Because there are entirely too many boys to get one perfect picture of the group.

Boys warm my heart.  Completely.  I love that they have to ruin forty-seven snapshots with weird faces and poses before you can get one that will pass as okay.

Mam helped The Littles dye their own eggs, too.  Little H was so careful.  She handled the eggs and the cup of dye exactly like she should have… with patience and care.  She dyed four eggs, with just a little help from Mam.

Thing 2 broke the egg-dying rules.  He slopped the dye, he tried to crush the eggs, he tried to drink the dye out of the mug, and he made a mess of pretty much everything.

He accomplished one egg, before he was put back down on the floor to run wild and jump and shout and laugh.  That young Jedi does not have the egg-dying patience necessary to rule the universe with.

After the kids had hidden the VERY REAL eggs one hundred and four times for one another… and after Thing 2 had crushed three of them to smithereens… and after Little H had eaten part of one, shell and egg-white and all… Hubs and I loaded up our boys and drove to Grammy and Papa’s house, for Easter, Round II, with our other set of cousins.

The Easter Bunny has been known to hide eggs in the buckets on big tractors before.  Thankfully we have Cousin W, who is tall enough to see what’s up there.

Because Grammy is all about the kids MAKING MEMORIES, she stuck silly string in their Easter baskets.

They promptly ruined her driveway with it, but goodness!  The ensuing string fight was the highlight of their day.  They wished that Grammy had given them each ONE HUNDRED cans, because they wanted the string battle to go on and on forever!

I haven’t seen a batch of boys laugh that hard in… well… at least a week.  Silly string in a can with a TRIGGER is a heart-warming thing to boys.

And that, people, was Easter.  We came home tired and happy, with bits of green and pink silly string stuck in our hair, because it seemed to be EVERYWHERE outside.  Even though we weren’t directly involved in the battle, the fallout couldn’t be avoided.

Thing 2 had such a good day, he went to bed at 6:30 last night and slept until 7:00 this morning!


And yes… that was indeed a WHOLE LOT OF PHOTOS to document one day.

Aren’t you glad that we DIDN’T go to Disneyland this week?!  You’d be stuck in your seat for another four hours, scrolling through snapshots of Splash Mountain and me posing in a tiara next to Cinderella.

Or rather, it would be Cinderella, POSING WITH ME, while I wore my tiara!

Y’all have a very happy Monday evening.

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