There’s An Echo In Our Laundry Hamper

Oh, people.  Give me a shout-out and throw some confetti, because for the first time since Noah set sail in his big animal-filled boat, we have no dirty clothes in this house.

Until bedtime, that is.

When everyone trades what we’re wearing for pajamas.

And then it starts all over tomorrow, because laundry quietly breeds and reproduces in the hamper, even though I do try to keep everyone separated, according to darks and lights and reds.  But that feeling of ALL THE LAUNDRY IS DONE brought a glow to my heart for a little space of time today.  I almost felt like I could conquer the world.  Like I could scale Mt. Everest.  Or de-bone a duck, stuff it with meat and seasoned stuffing, and wrap it all up in a tasty pastry, just like Julia Childs’ recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking.


That last part is never going to happen at our house.

The end.

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