Breakfast Of Champions

Last night, I set our alarm a little early, because the boy’s school was hosting a breakfast and awards ceremony for all the 6th graders.  The word BREAKFAST indicated that YES… We really would have to be at the school at the crack of yuck.  I have no idea why I thought setting our alarm was a necessary task.  I guess I was preparing ahead of time in case this morning turned out to be the one day in the last fourteen and a half months when Thing 2 decided to sleep in.

It wasn’t that day.

Thing 2 woke up at precisely 5:07 this morning.  When I heard him jabbering away over the baby monitor, I was disoriented and trying to squint at the clock to see if that really was a 5 in the first number position, or if I wasn’t maybe reading it wrong in all of my morning blindness.

Waking up at 5:07, when it’s cloudy and gloomy and rainy, with a fully-charged baby who is known around these parts as Rawhide, is every bit as pleasant as it sounds.

And then we left our house at 7:10 this morning, which didn’t even turn out to be all that difficult.  When you get up at 5:07, you can accomplish a great deal of things before most people have even driven themselves down the hill to Starbucks.

We had homemade coffee this morning.

IMG_4722Thing 2 has a passion for coffee.  He loves it.  He loves it hot… he loves it frozen.  He loves it blended.  He loves it with half-and-half… with Coffee Mate… with extra sugar… and even just black.  He loves decaf.  He loves extra-caf.  He loves bold coffee and shy coffee and homemade coffee and Seattle’s finest coffee.

He and Hubs share a cup every morning.

It helps Thing 2 handle the early morning hours.

Oh, I kid.  It helps HUBS handle the early morning hours.

The boy was looking rather pleased with life today, because ONLY THREE MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT!

IMG_4735At the breakfast, Thing 2 spit every bite of his cinnamon roll OUT.  He hated it.  He pushed it aside… he threw it onto the floor.  And then Kellen’s mom came over to talk to us, with a cinnamon roll in her hand, and Thing 2 ate every last bite of her roll.

Of course I made the boy and his wolf pack of buddies gather together for the camera.  They’ve come to expect this of me.  I imagine when they’re all 35, I’ll have to stop saying, “Squeeze together, boys!  Squeeze together and smile!”


By 7:35 breakfast was pretty much completely finished for Thing 2.  He wanted down.  He wanted to run amidst the crowd of 250 students and their parents.  He wanted to jump off of the cafeteria tables.  He wanted to holler and have the 6th grade boys chase him.

He was incredibly fun to hold on to.

When I left the school this morning, I felt like I’d been through hand-to-hand combat in the middle of the desert during an all-out war.

Thing 2 fell asleep in the Suburban on the way home, because he felt the same way.

And then… I taught PE for the last time for this school year today.  I said good-bye to my students.  I had them all take their horrendously smelly PE shoes out of the Rubbermaid tubs so that they could go home and I could burn the tubs into heaps of melted plastic.  The stench of sweaty feet for the past nine months has infiltrated the composition of the plastic and rendered it HORRID.

Some of my third graders and I got into a discussion on movies today, and one of them said, “I watched a really old movie from the ’80s last weekend.”

Really?  Because I know some movies from that decade.  Sixteen Candles has given me some of the best one-line comments of ever.  I asked him which movie he’d seen, and he rattled off some title I’ve never heard of.  I said, “That’s from the ’80s?”  And this little fellow… this little eight-year-old who is very dear to my heart… shrugged his shoulders and said, “I think it’s actually from the two thousands, but it was so old, it might just as well have been from the ’80s.”

He flunked PE.

I cried just a touch when I said good-bye to my pre-kindergarten PE classes, because listen.  Some parents use our pre-k program as preschool, which is great.  But then their children go on to public schools for kindergarten, and they don’t stick around at our little private school, so that’s the end of them being in my PE class forever and ever, amen.

My little buddy, Josh, asked me, “Could you take me home with you after school?  Could I just come to your house and play for a while, and if you want to call my mom about it so she can pick me up later, that’s fine.”  Yes, I wanted to take him home; I wanted to take them ALL home with me.

And then I remembered that we already get up at 5:07 in the morning, and what if one of them wakes up earlier than that?

Y’all have a very happy Wednesday evening, and just remember…

…SUMMER VACATION HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED FOR ME!  The boy still has two more days of school left!

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