Fifteen Entire Months Already


Our baby… Our littlest baby… is officially fifteen months old today.

He has thirteen teeth.  He can say MAMA and DAD-DAD and BUBBIE (which is what he calls the boy).  He can say KITTY and BALL and CHEESE and SNACK.  He says HOT and HAT and UH OH.  He can say JESUS and MAM and PA and GRAMMY and PAPA.  He can say SHOES and POOP and BUBBLES and COOKIE and ICE and ON.  He can say OATMEAL and COFFEE and HELLO and HI.  He can say Little Cousin H’s name and Sister’s name and Cousin R’s name.

And that’s about all the English words he says.  The rest of the time, he speaks in his native language of SPACE ALIEN.  Sadly, no one here can interpret that language, so a lot of his theories and opinions are lost on an incompetent world.

Thing 2 can dance better than Channing Tatum.  He can splash in the tub, run, climb on everything and anything, and use sign language for PLEASE and MILK and THANK-YOU and MORE.  He gives kisses and hugs, and he knows which is which.  He sleeps from 7:30 pm to 6:00 am, and he thinks he’s a twelve-year-old who really doesn’t need to take a nap during the day.  He loves the boy with a love that I’ve never witnessed between two brothers before.  Thing 2 ADORES the boy.

Completely adores him.

They are, in fact, the very best of friends, because the boy is wild-crazy over his baby brother, too.

The two of them wrestle and throw balls together.  They use the golf clubs together and run and tumble across the lawn together.  They share coffee drinks and cookies and ice cream together.  Not long ago, I caught the boy and Thing 2 snuggling in a big hug, and I overheard the boy whisper, “I love you so much!  You are the best brother there is!”

And that melted my heart.

Because my boys are pretty much the very sweetest people I know.

Unless I’ve just told Thing 2 that he cannot climb on the coffee table and dance up there, because every single time he does, he falls off and cries.  If Thing 2 is denied this dancing platform, he usually screams and stomps his feet and throws his head back, before he flops on the floor in a fit performance that every two-year-old on the planet would be envious of.

But… for the most part… it’s all sweetness.

IMG_5140 IMG_5143 IMG_5145 IMG_5148This morning, we met my friend Bethany, and her kiddos at the park.  Her son, Ben, is a year older than Thing 2, and they have become good buddies who bond over shared pretzels and dump trucks and Matchbox cars.

This morning, they shared a Man Hug, which is absolutely fine to do when you’re one and two years old.

IMG_5155 IMG_5159Ben even got a lucky kiss to his cheek!

The boys had fun at the park, pushing cars and sliding and running and rolling in the grass.

And then there was the fountain, which mesmerized both of them.

IMG_5176 IMG_5178Yes, the sign says, PLEASE DO NOT PLAY ON THE FOUNTAIN.  Thing 2 and Ben can’t read.  That sign could just as easily have said, WE HAVE FREE PUPPIES TO GIVE OUT TO ALL LITTLE CHILDREN, and they wouldn’t have known.

IMG_5169 IMG_5171I tried to get a snapshot of my boys together this morning, in the little garden of the park.  Thing 2 was having none of it, though.

IMG_5174(And the answer is NO.  I haven’t gotten to wash the boy’s sweatshirt this week.)

(I don’t even worry about it any longer.)


(I smell a blue ribbon coming on for that one.)

Y’all have a happy Wednesday evening.

1 thought on “Fifteen Entire Months Already

  1. Oh, he is cuteness beyond words, all right. I don’t know how your family stands it!! Since this post is mostly about Thing 2 and how active he has become, and how he changes and develops every day, I’m going to go out on a limb and take a chance you will never speak to me again.
    Because you and hubs have already raised one adorable, talented, boy past this toddler stage, I cannot imagine you do not know about the subject I want to bring up. Within the last year I read of the most tragic, heartbreaking story on a Mother’s blog. She told how her 3yo daughter opened and stood on her bottom dresser drawers in her bedroom so she could reach something she wanted on top of the dresser. I can’t even talk about what happened…my heart is too tender, and I know yours is too. I had a heck of a time getting myself off the closet floor on that one! Soooo, just tell me that you already know about the importance of securing any and all of your household furniture to the walls, and I promise I will never bring the subject up again. I know Thing2 is a boy, I know he is just learning to explore his world, I know he is going to get hurt with bumps, bruises and scrapes, but I couldn’t stand it if he or any child had a serious injury due to a warning I knew about, but I neglected to tell you about. Well now this is just starting to creep me out, so I’m just going to say “Goodnight”. Hugs, Linda

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