July 3rd

So today is my dad’s birthday.

And, unlike Hubs’ and my anniversary, my dad doesn’t get back-to-back birthdays.

With only one day to party it up, we did just that.  My mom made spaghetti salad for dinner tonight, which could very well be my favorite food of ever.  There were grilled steaks and grilled chicken and baked beans and corn on the cob, because CHOICES, PEOPLE!

Thing 2’s choice was to eat chocolate chip cookies instead of dinner.  Since he was at Mam’s house, this was perfectly acceptable, even though Mam would never have dreamed of letting Sister or I eat three cookies for our dinners when we were little.

Apparently the rules are different when you become a grandmother.

(Happy birthday, Pa.  I’m sorry we were so LOUD at your party tonight, but you know that it isn’t a good party until the sound barrier is broken at least once.)

But, from all of the cousins who run wild around here at Jedi Mama, Incorporated, please have a happy 4th of July.  Be safe with your sparklers; protective eye gear may be in order.

IMG_6329IMG_6289 IMG_6298 IMG_6335IMG_6306P.S.  Those are not Thing 2’s personal shoes.  Much to the horror of his daddy, he insisted on stealing them away from Little H and trying them on himself.

Y’all have a great time, ringing in America’s independence and freedom tomorrow.

And hug a soldier and say THANK YOU, if you know one.

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