Green Boy And Pink Boy

I know that I mentioned it a couple of days ago, but Thing 2 has a different lovey than most babies.

Most babies, it seems, have teddy bears with worn ears and thread-bare noses.  Or they have blankets that have been so well-loved and cuddled, they’re falling apart and unraveling.

Thing 2 has a couple pairs of my fuzzy, fleecy slipper socks with the rubber dots for traction on slippery floors.  One pair is green… the other pair is pink.  We call them Green Boy and Pink Boy.  We also have White Boy and Blue Boy, which I just bought recently at Walmart, as potential backups, if something happens to Greenie and Pinkie.  White Boy and Blue Boy have not been met with the same level of love and adoration; you can definitely tell that they’re the JV team.

Thing 2 just calls the fuzzy socks Boys.

Only he pronounces it Buoys, and I hope he never changes that, because sweet mercy!  The cuteness of him calling out, “Buoy!  Buoy!” when he’s looking for one of the boys melts my heart like a marshmallow in the microwave.

Thing 2 packs the boys around.  They’ve been thrown into the toilet… more than once.  They’ve been thrown into someone’s shower… more than once.  They’ve been thrown into the cat food dish, the cats’ water, the garbage (Hubs saw it happen, and he rescued Pink Boy immediately), the toy box, and under the sofa.  They’ve been covered in oatmeal, cheese pizza, milk, yogurt, macaroni and cheese and dirt.  They’ve gone down slides, rode in the Suburban, visited our church nursery and been clutched in the grocery store.  They have been rubbed across Thing 2’s eyes every time he goes to sleep.  They’ve been held with love and kissed and hugged and patted and offered to the kitties, who are rude enough to ignore the boys.

And go ahead… admit it.  It’s very difficult to resist the overwhelming cuteness of Thing 2 and Pink Boy just before nap time.

IMG_8000 IMG_8004 IMG_8007 IMG_8009I’m guessing that when he’s sixteen, Thing 2 will look through the archives here at Jedi Mama, Inc. and try to delete this post.  It’ll be difficult for the captain of the high school cage-fighting team to admit that he once adored a pink sock that belonged to his mama.

But right now?  It’s darling.  My heart splits wide open with love when I check on Thing 2 at night, and he’s sound asleep in his crib, with his arms wrapped around his BUOY.

His mama sure loves him.

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