A Whole Week In Photos

Well, I’m fairly certain that I have exhausted the I HAVE A STAPH INFECTION IN MY LEG card.  In other words, when I’m lying on the sofa now, and I holler out, “Will someone please make me a cup of hot chai tea?  I’d love to do it myself, but STAPH INFECTION IN MY LEG, PEOPLE!”, no one really bothers to jump up any more and cater to my needs.

It could be because my leg looks a whole lot better today.

If by better, you mean, “That is still the ugliest mess of infection I’ve ever seen, but it’s a dried-up, faded-purple now, instead of neon red and welted, so let’s classify it as MENDING.”  Plus?  Well, it feels a lot better.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to win this battle with my little antibiotic soldiers.

Thank you for your concern.  It’s still perfectly acceptable for you to either make me a homemade chai latte while I’m on the sofa, or actually bring me one from Starbucks, which is just down the hill.  Either option works.

So while I was on my sabbatical from this blog, life still went on.  Thankfully, I managed to capture some of it in pictures.

Cousin L played some soccer.

IMG_8708 IMG_8706I know that a good photographer would have taken pictures of L actually KICKING the ball, or perhaps STOPPING the ball, but I’ve never claimed to be great behind the camera.

It is what it is.

That’s Cousin L up there, looking sassy in her bright pink soccer get-up.  Suffice it to say that, “Girlfriend can play some soccer!”  L is very good on the field, but I’ve always found that a pretty pair of socks can boost your self-confidence to astronomical levels.

Cousin K was at the game, too, so I made him smile…

IMG_8725 IMG_8726And there’s Little H, looking as darling as ever.

IMG_8713We had enough rain last week to really concern Noah, so all of the boy’s soccer practices and games were cancelled.  With some good weather luck, I’ll have pictures of him kicking the ball around later this week.

I know that y’all are just beyond yourself with excited anticipation.  I promise to bring you mediocre photography with blurred subjects.  It’s a gift.

Thing 2 wore a Bronco jersey in honor of THE BRONCOS PLAYED ON MONDAY NIGHT last week.  It’s an old Griese jersey, which belonged to the boy, when he was two.  I tried to get Thing 2 to sit up nicely in his rocking chair, but his new thing is to throw himself into a playboy pose right before I snap the camera.

IMG_8959Thing 2 and Cousin H shared applesauce and chocolate cookies on the deck one afternoon.

IMG_8622 IMG_8624 IMG_8625It was some mighty tasty applesauce that called for savoring.

IMG_8632 IMG_8634 IMG_8645 IMG_8651 IMG_8663 IMG_8664 IMG_8666The boy’s buddy, Enzo, celebrated his birthday with an elaborate ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIES party.  His parents worked together to create a scavenger hunt that sent the pack of party guests all over the neighborhood and nearby parks, IN THE DARK, to gather supplies for survival, because the zombies were coming!  They had strategically hidden water bottles and flashlights and first aide kits all over the place, in friends’ yards.  The boys had to gather clues to find the supplies necessary to survive an attack by zombies.  The final clue was hidden in OUR front yard, but listen.

No one ever picked it up.

It’s because Enzo’s dad looked like this at the stop right before ours.

IMG_1835He jumped out of the bushes and that was flat-out, plum-dadgum-it for the scavenger hunt!

Afterward, Enzo’s mom sent me a snapshot of all of the boys, SAFE AND SOUND, at her house.

IMG_1833Of course the big talk the next morning involved, “Yeah… We weren’t scared AT ALL!  We just were done, and we decided that we didn’t need to pick up the last sack of supplies.”

Whatever, boys!

The boy, however, declared that this was the very best birthday party he had ever been to.  They had their scavenger hunt in the dark… they ate homemade, grilled pizzas… they were scared out of their wits… and they stayed up until 4:00 in the morning.  All of the elements were there for a successful birthday party.

Cousin H wore a headband one day last week that was so cute, I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.  (And who am I kidding?  I would have snapped a picture even without darling hair accessories.)

IMG_8751Cousin W turned fourteen this past week.  I can’t believe that our boys are getting so OLD!  Next thing you know, they’re going to want to think about driving.

This is W, in the traditional, “I’m a teenage boy who doesn’t always smile for the camera” shot.  He took it himself and sent it to my phone.

IMG_1841Smile or not, I still think he’s adorable.

Hubs bought the boy a giant book on writing and programming your own apps.  The book is thicker than New York City’s phone directory, and exactly as interesting as reading a phonebook would be.  However, the boy pounced on it like a rat on a Cheeto, and within an hour and a half, he had written an app that was already downloaded to both his phone and Hubs’ phone.

When he showed it to me, with excited chatter, I pretended to understand everything he was talking about, but all I really heard was Charlie Brown’s teacher talking.

Writing apps isn’t really my thing.

Now… I just need that kid to write something like Angry Birds, so that Mama can buy a new dishwasher that actually DRIES her dishes before calling it quits.

IMG_1843Thing 2 and Little H did some light cooking in her kitchen one day last week.

IMG_8318 IMG_8324We also decided that Thing 2 is probably not cut out to be a pre-med major.

IMG_8344“LOOK, MA!!!  NO HANDS!!!”

IMG_8347 IMG_8350And then…

… look at this next series of snapshots closely.  I think I’ll call it The Great Toy Exchange.

“Look, Thing 2.  This is my toy where you can push buttons and make music.  We can share it, if you like.”

IMG_8326“Or… I could just move it over here, H.  I think I’ll just play with it by myself.”

IMG_8327“Thing 2!  That is NOT what I had in mind!  We can both push the buttons at the same time and share it!”

“Lady, you’re starting to push MY buttons with that high-pitched voice of yours!”

IMG_8328“Yeah… Just try to get it, Girlfriend.”

IMG_8330“I’ll just swing it this way now, because it’s MINE!”

“But it isn’t yours!  It really is MY toy, and I was going to share it with you!”

“Possession is nine-tenths of the law, Woman.  Gather your posse and come try to retrieve it!”

IMG_8331“Whoa!  I totally did not foresee you getting one of your hands on this!  THAT took me a bit by surprise.  I thought you were a twenty-four-pound weakling with a short arm span.”

IMG_8332“My arms are just fine!  And look!  You’re not the all-powerful superhero that you think you are!  Who has the toy now, Jackrabbit?”

IMG_8333“Well… THIS is embarrassing.  You can see by my slack-jawed expression that I am bewildered at being bested by a mere slip of a girl.  I’m going to need the camera shut off now, Paparazzi.”

IMG_8334“Here comes Phase Two.  It’s a little hotter, and there might be tears, Little Girl.”

IMG_8335 IMG_8336 IMG_8337“Ha!  I turned up the juice, didn’t I?  I’m kind of high-voltage, huh?  Who’s a superhero now, Sister?”

IMG_8338“Clearly, it’s me!  It’s me!  I HAVE THE TOY!”

IMG_8341 His daddy and I are so proud.

And that’s kind of what happened around here last week, while I was very busy NOT blogging.

Y’all have a fantastic Monday night.

1 thought on “A Whole Week In Photos

  1. Goodness, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick and hurting again. Hopefully your system has so many powerful remnants of antibiotics in it, that you will be breezing right through the upcoming cold/flu season.
    This post has some of what I think are the best photos of Cousin H that you have ever taken.
    1) The single of her holding the applesauce envelope.
    2) The single of her in her flowery headband.
    and then up for awards is also:
    3) The photo of Thing2 and Cousin H standing up on the bench waiting for their chocolate cookie.
    Yes, it’s true folks, Jedi-Mama has taken EVERY blue ribbon in the State Fair Photography Division for 2013! Congratulations, Jedi-Mama!!
    During the toy tussle, I can’t believe Thing2 never once said, “Woman, if you PO me one more time, I WILL hit you with my pink “Bouy”!! No?? He didn’t??
    It’s getting time for me to go prop myself up in bed and read for a couple or three hours. Oh, of course I’ll be enjoying a cup of cocoa w/marshmallows during that time as well. I hope you and your family are staying well. Hugs, Linda

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