Just A Short List. You’re Welcome On The SHORT.

Wednesdays are my long days.

As in, I have my sassy shoes on the floor first thing in the morning, and I just go straight through until 8:00.

Which, if you’ve been around this blog for any length of time, is quite often past my bedtime.

But I have just a few things for tonight.  I can’t possibly tie them together coherently, so I’ll just do a list.  Because I love lists.

1.  My little first grade girl tied her own sneakers for PE class this afternoon, and I almost cried over how proud she was!  She came right up to me, grinning wide enough to split her face.  She didn’t say a single word; she just quietly pointed at her shoes.  And right there, on both of those hot pink sneakers with the light-up feature were two sloppy, loose bows, but THEY.  WERE.  THERE.  We high-fived each other.  She is officially registered as a Shoe-Tie-Er Person now.

2.  I am doing floor hockey in PE with the kids right now.  Yesterday, during a face-off in 2nd grade PE, I took a hockey stick to the shin.  What you need to know about this is that it almost dropped me.  I had to close my eyes tight and rehearse, “You will live!  You will live!”  But what I really wanted to shout out was this:  “Are any of you kids a pre-med major?  Can anyone start an IV in my arm and get some morphine running through RIGHT NOW?  Because holy sweet mercy, your gym teacher has lost some skin from her leg!”  And that pretty much sums up why I am not a hockey player myself.  But, regardless of the fact that I almost lost a leg yesterday, we still played floor hockey again today.  I wasn’t put on the injured reserve list, and for that I am quite thankful.

3.  However, Thing 2 is on the injured reserve list.  This morning, he climbed into our bathtub, which is a hefty climb for a one year old.  Thing 2, though, has some brawn and some bulk and some biceps, so he pulled it off one dozen times.  And then that last time, he lost his grip and did a face-plant in my tub.  He split his lip open, and we had some blood.  I kept saying, “Mommy’s so sorry!  Mommy’s so sorry!”  And Thing 2 kept yelling through his tears, “I sorry!  I sorry!”  After that, he crawled up into a dining room chair, flipped it over, and smashed his bare toes.  Twenty minutes later, he was running with a plastic golf club, trying to smash a soccer ball with it.  He managed to trip, slide across the hardwood floor, and smack  his head on the kitchen cabinet.  Yes, there’s a goose egg.  I full expect the Department of Family Services to show up today and ask for an accounting on all of Thing 2’s wounds.

4.  This.  It speaks a solid word of truth!

599673_10151873909784643_1681290396_n5.  I don’t think I can even come up with a Number Five tonight.  Suffice it to say that MeMaw needs to get her beauty sleep.

Happy Hump Day, y’all.

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