Do Y’all Know What Happens At 4:30 In The Morning? Nothing That Can’t Wait Until 6:30 In The Morning.

So I’m just popping in here really quick tonight.  I know that (Sweet mercy!) ALL O’ THE WORDS I usually type here do nothing to support my case that tonight’s post is going to be short.  I have a tendency to say that I have absolutely nothing to write about… in about 1,700 words.  I just don’t know how to DO short when I’m talking and writing.

(It’s a gift.)

(I also think it’s why Hubs prefers to watch the Colorado Avalanche skate on TV without me sitting by his side.  I admitted to him last week, in the middle of a game, during which I’d just missed a goal, EVEN THOUGH I WAS WATCHING IT HAPPEN, that sometimes a televised hockey game is nothing but a blur of colors on the screen to me, while I talk out loud.)

(The pride in Hubs’ heart over that confession knew no boundaries.)


I really AM going to be quick tonight, because Thing 2 got up at 4:30 this morning.  Yes, that boy is an early riser.  Next weekend, we turn our clocks back an hour, which just happens to be my very most favorite day of the year.  When I go to bed on the Saturday night before Daylight Savings Time ends, I cackle with happiness and smile all night long.

I’m fairly certain that Thing 2 is going to flat-out RUIN my Extra Hour Joy this year.

So the Littles got together again this morning, and they were quite mesmerized with a Baby Einstein video on my tablet.

IMG_9756And also?

Well, I’m not going to even attempt to hide it.

My excitement over Thing 2’s CURLS is pretty much off the charts!  That little head of hair pretty much kills me, I love it so much.

IMG_9757 IMG_9750And now I’m heading to bed, people, so that I can recover from my 4:30 wake-up call.  Chances are better than average that Daddy’s curly-headed co-pilot will be up to all sorts of mischief before most of y’all have even considered waking up tomorrow morning.

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