One Thousand

603976_10200261657858811_1336945089_nWhat Mommy DOESN’T WANT are those Dum-Dum suckers.  Or the Smarties.  Or the year-old Laffy Taffies.  Or the hard-as-a-rock Tootsie Rolls.  Or the bubble gum that breaks your jaws.

Happy Halloween!  I’d post snapshots of tonight, but I have to go pace the house and come down off of my candy high first.

And also?


I don’t meant to toot my own horn, but listen, people:  This post?  It is my 1,000th blog post here at Jedi Mama, Incorporated.  I had no idea, until a few days ago, that I was coming up on such a milestone, because the dashboard of Jedi Mama headquarters is as overwhelming as NASA’s launch station is.  But then, around Monday or so, I happened to notice that WOW!  I had nine hundred and some odd posts.

Nine hundred and some odd posts that were very, VERY close to being an even thousand.

And I hit that milestone tonight, which is kind of cool, because I’m the girl who starts things and seldom finishes things.

Scrapbooking?  Yep.  I bought fancy paper and fancy cutters and fancy stickers and fancy books.  I scrapbooked with friends over entire weekends, and then… I gave it up.  Somewhere in our basement is a book documenting the first six months of the boy’s life, in pictures trimmed with pinking shears.  After he turned six months old, there just isn’t anything there, because I lost interest.

I tried to read War and Peace once, too, just to say that I had done it.   I’m a reader.  And what I wanted to do is find out what all the hype about War and Peace was, other than YES, THAT’S A HEFTY BOOK.  So I started it.  And somewhere around page 89, I could no longer focus without pinching myself, so I returned it to the library and labeled my endeavor, STRUCK OUT.

That’s how I tend to roll, so imagine MY surprise when I realized that I’ve been blogging for four official years, and I’ve popped off one thousand (!!!) posts.

It’s like I have some stick-to-it-ness inside of me that I had no idea about.

Have a great weekend, people.  And be safe while you’re out there collecting chocolate candies.

2 thoughts on “One Thousand

  1. I just wanted to comment on your 1,000th post. Is that like mileage on a car but in dog years? Like most blogs done get past 100? Way to go!

  2. Congratulations on your 1,000th post. Quite a feat!! Oh, and by the way, I may or may not have given away some of those Dum-Dum suckers, as well as some “hard-as-rocks” Tootsie Rolls on Halloween night. Does it make up for it if the Tootsie Rolls were vanilla, cherry, and chocolate flavored? I didn’t think so….why do you suppose they were “hard-as-rocks”??

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