He’s Got The Beat

I may have mentioned once or nineteen times before that Thing 2 is a dancer.  When junior high school rolls around for him, he will not be the boy hanging out against the wall in the far back, by the record machine, hoping beyond hope that no girl ventures his way and asks him to accompany her to the dance floor.

Thing 2 will already be out there.  I’m also sure that the science teacher, or the PE teacher, or whichever teacher got stuck chaperoning the dance that night because he missed the last PTO meeting, will tap Thing 2 on the shoulder and ask him to please bring things down a notch, and maybe to put his shirt back on.

This video is about a month old, but it clearly shows Thing 2’s shy side.

Except not, because Thing 2 doesn’t have a shy side.

We were just finishing dinner up one evening, and the iPod was on, and… well… Thing 2 just took off with his moves while his mama was loading the dishwasher.

You should also know that at one point early in the video, the boy asks from the background, “I don’t understand why her ears go like this.”  I’m just going to go on record and say that he is talking about one of our cats.

He’s not talking about his mama.

HER EARS are perfect, and they don’t “go like this.”

And when Thing 2 wipes out in the heat of things, Hubs asks what a bar stool is doing in a mosh pit.  Listen… Hubs attended concerts in high school and college that I did not attend, because a girl can only take so much of Cinderella’s guitar before she wants to kick something.

Rick Springfield didn’t have mosh pits.

And the answer is YES.  The boy really does throw a chunk of bread onto the floor, which Thing 2 dances over the top of… and then eats.  Apparently we have no manners at this house, and live like wild hogs.

I know.  You can say it out loud:  HUBS AND I HAVE ADORABLE BOYS.

Happy Wednesday, people.

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