The Night The Mouse Died


We have had us some busy this week, but I was prepared to just press through and put some soccer pictures on ye olde blog tonight, that I took exactly two hours ago.  Look at me being all timely and organized!

So I made a frozen burrito (of the $1 Walmart frozen burrito variety), because Hubs is working late tonight, which means FREE FOR ALL DINNER.  Thing 2 had oatmeal and applesauce.  The boy had microwaved chicken nuggets and corn.  I nuked a $1 burrito.  This could be my favorite way to have dinner yet, but when Hubs is home, he likes us to have something very formal for dinner.

Like a casserole, involving jalapenos, tater tots and cream-of-whatever soup.

Hubs is very fancy.

It’s why I love him.

I sat down at my big desk with my $1 dinner (ONE DOLLAR, y’all!  It’s basically FREE FOOD!), and I was going to upload my soccer pictures that are so fresh on my camera, everyone is still kicking the ball around in them.  I was going to prepare a nice blog post for everyone and remind you again that my boys are pretty much the cutest in the entire kingdom.

I was going to do all of that and eat a burrito that is roughly the temperature of the surface of the sun at the same time.

And then a little box popped up on my computer monitor which stated, “Mouse Batteries Critically Low.”

Apple always was good at using adverbs.

So not only are my mouse batteries low… they are CRITICALLY low.  I’m surprised I’m even still able to navigate around my monitor with it.  The exciting part is this:  We own approximately three hundred rechargeable, double-A batteries, and not a single one of them is in the drawer where they belong.

Not.  Even.  One.

Which makes me think that the boy has just recently refreshed batteries in every battery-operated item we own, which is what he does any time he sees a fresh pack of power units.

So there will be no post filled with soccer pictures tonight, due to the fact that my mouse is critical and about to kick the bucket.  And really?  I’m entirely too lazy to go dig around our house and discover something that has fresh double-A batteries in it to make life-support a viable option for this mouse tonight.

He’s going to flat-line, y’all, and I am going to sit back and let it happen.

Instead of dazzling you with a photo-filled post, I’m just going to go finish the burrito that just burned a hole in the roof of my mouth and incinerated my tongue.  $1 Mexican dinners can really retain the microwave heat, people.  They should come with warnings.  And then the boy is hollering out that he needs help!  Major help!  He needs to write a paragraph on some political issue, and, people!  The reason I don’t hold a political office is simply because the majority of the voting population won’t cast their ballots in favor of me, when I seldom know what’s going on with anything, other than Prince William and Kate.

I’m afraid it’s going to be a long night.

Y’all have a safe and happy weekend.

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