Adopting The Entire Orphanage Of Boys

I know that we’ve talked about Thing 2’s boys here before.  Some toddlers like soft blankets… some like fuzzy teddy bears…

… and ours loves and adores fluffy, Dr. Scholl’s-style slipper socks.

Disney would never make a movie about Thing 2 and his dog… nothing like Old Yeller.  But, what Disney COULD make would be a feature film called A Boy and His Slippers.  Or, Thing 2 and His Boys. 

Or, Thing 2 and the Seven Dwarfed Socks.

Or, 20,000 Socks Under the Sea.

Or, One Hundred and One Slippers.

Or even, Honey, I Shrunk the Boys.

I know.  I had better quit before things get really out of hand with that list.  I can’t even blame exhaustion for all the crazy around here, because Thing 2 and I both slept ALL. NIGHT. LONG!! last night.  The Lord was good and took us out of the pit of midnight parties.  He set us on higher ground, where the beds were soft, and it helped a whole lot that I threw back a Benadryl last night at 7:30, because I was determined to make up for my lost REMs.


Today, Thing 2 gathered up the entire orphanage of socks, and he just sat with them for a bit this morning.  He hugged them and loved them.

He counted them, by saying, “One, two, two, two, two, two, two…”  (We’re working on that.  He’s got a couple-too-many twos in there, but we’ve got some time to nail it before kindergarten.)

He named the boys all by colors.  “Ba-woo!  Yah-wo!  Oh-nge!  Poo-ple!  Gween!  Bwack!”  (We don’t have a black slipper sock.  Apparently, Dr. Scholl’s didn’t think that there was an enormous market for women wanting fuzzy, black slippers to relax around the house in.  Dr. Scholl’s determined that the market was for a lot of pink slippers, and those in sherbet pastels.)

No matter.  Thing 2 LOVES his pile of boys, and he carries one or nine with him constantly.

IMG_0667 IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671 IMG_0673 IMG_0674Hubs and the boy and I think it’s adorable.  It’s a little unnatural, but it’s stinking adorable!

Y’all have a merry Wednesday evening.

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