Old Man Winter Has Settled In

So THIS happened today:

IMG_0565Although that snapshot is overwhelming folks from Florida and Texas right now, and making them hyperventilate and beg for brown paper sacks to breathe into, our Alaskan friends are heaving enormous sighs and asking, “Really?  That’s all you’ve got to offer?”

Dear Alaska, The windchill was MINUS TWELVE this morning.  How’s that?

Hubs was outside at 6:30 this morning, firing up his snowblower for its Winter ’13 Inauguration.  He wore his red-plaid, Grumpy Old Men hat with the ear flaps.  THAT’S how cold it was.

Some two hours later, after having cleared our bobsled run driveway and the neighbor’s driveway, while the boy shoveled the patio by hand, we were good to go.  The boys were slightly frozen by the time they finished up.  I believe the boy’s exact words were, “I cannot feel my toes.  Or my fingers.  Or my nose.  Or my ears.”


Schools had a two-hour delay this morning, which is exactly like a small chunk of manna from heaven.  It wasn’t exactly the whole manna loaf, like we wanted (which is a WHOLE SNOW DAY!), but we’ll take what we can get.  Having a late-start morning was a treat.  It rained last night BEFORE it snowed, so y’all can guess what the road conditions were like around Small Town, USA this morning.

I believe our Road and Travel Report stated, “Stay indoors, by your fire with your coffee, or hitch up your dogsled team, because that’s about the only way you’re going to get around town.”

And the answer is a loud YES!  There really was hot chai tea today.  There were multiple cups of hot chai tea, in fact.  Don’t judge; it was totally necessary.

There was also Indoor Recess at the little private, Catholic school where I teach.  Let me assure you, the only thing worse than Indoor Recess is being attacked by a pack of wolves while you’re covered in the mess of making homemade elk sausage.  There just ain’t nothing like the sound of Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades ALL in the gym at the same time.

There was wine in the teacher’s lounge today.  Don’t worry; it was only for Communion purposes.

And that was our today, people.  Stay warm and be thankful that your thermostat is working.

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