Twenty-One Months

So this little stinker is 21 months old today.

IMG_0578 IMG_0581 IMG_0584 IMG_0586 IMG_0588I can’t believe how fast Father Time has whipped by, because how on earth did we get SO CLOSE to two?

Didn’t THIS just happen yesterday?

IMG_0495This little guy has brought so much joy… so much laughter… so much happiness… and so many gray hairs into our lives.

Last week, when I walked across our dining room rug, I heard it crunch.  Most rugs don’t crunch.  Since we paid the equivalent of a Caribbean cruise for that piece of floor covering, I knew that it SHOULDN’T crunch.

I stopped, pulled the corner of the rug back…

… and found a pile of cat food.

Hubs and I kept an eye on Thing 2 that day, and it paid off.  Just before bedtime, we witnessed him grab a handful of cat food, eat a couple of bites of it, and then run to our dining room rug.  He promptly lifted up the corner… and stuffed the rest of his snack underneath of it.

(“Hi.  My name is Thing 2, and I hoard cat food.”)

I opened the bottom drawer of our refrigerator a couple of days ago to get some lunch meat for a sandwich…

… and found a little tractor chilling there.

Our lives are no longer quiet… or predictable… and our house is always a disaster, but Hubs and I are learning to embrace the chaos and push my OCD aside.  OCD doesn’t work well with WHO JUST UNLOADED THE BOOKCASE AGAIN AND PUT THIRTY-NINE HARDBACKS ONTO THE FLOOR?

Thing 2 has learned so much, though.  He knows the colors blue, yellow and pink, and nails the three of them about 98% of the time.  He’s getting really good at recognizing orange and red and black, too.  Green seems to be a problem, because he’ll point to a frog and yell, “WHITE!”  I’ll respond, “No… it’s GREEN!”  And Thing 2 will look at me like he’s never heard of green before.  He’ll wrinkle his nose and shake his head, and then nod and say, “White.”

Green is not working out for us so well.

At twenty-one months, he also recognizes the letters A and Q.  He knows ALL of his animals, from cats and dogs and cows, to flamingos, otters and pandas.  He never misnames an animal — he’s spot-on with those.

Thing 2 knows how to count to two… he knows when he has one of something and when he has two of something.  He can sing “The Wheels on the Bus” and  “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and the alphabet song.  He doesn’t say all of the words, obviously, but he hums the tune and nails a lot of the words.

His favorite song is “What Does The Fox Say?”  He cannot hear it without dancing.  That baby will dance his heart out, if the beat is right.  His favorite food is sugar.  He also likes cold cereal with milk, apples, strawberries, macaroni and cheese, mandarin oranges, beans, oatmeal and pizza.  He can already put away two entire slices of pizza in one sitting!  I’m pretty sure the boy was five before he ate two pieces of cheese pizza at once.

Our baby weighs twenty-eight pounds, which is what the boy weighed when he was three!  Thing 2 is built like a tank… he’s built to play the line for Small Town High’s football team… he’s built to carry his truck home on his back, when it runs out of gas.  The kid is seriously TOUGH.

Thing 2 is very possibly the fastest-running toddler Hubs and I have ever seen.  The kid can flat-out RUN!

He loves his tractors… he loves his dump trucks… he loves his soccer ball and his brother’s golf balls and his football.  Our windows are constantly in danger from Thing 2 throwing golf balls indoors, too.

His most-used phrase is, “I saw-ee,” which is translated as, “I’m sorry.”  He’s constantly having to apologize to someone for pushing them… or taking a toy away… or pinching.

Our baby also gives the VERY BEST LOVES.  He’ll wrap his arms around your neck, and breathe his sweet baby breath against your cheek, and MY WORD!  I melt into a heap of globby goo.

I think we’re going to keep him.

Pretty much forever.

His Bubbie really likes him, too.

IMG_0592 IMG_0593They share Flintstones vitamins every morning…

IMG_0591IMG_0589So… yeah.  The past twenty-one months have flown by, and we have laughed a whole lot.

Take yesterday…

The house had gone all quiet.  This is NOT a good sign when Thing 2 is on the premises.  Quiet translates to, I SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I’M UP TO NO GOOD.

I found him on Hubs’ bedside table.  He had climbed up there, because he climbs EVERYTHING, and he was wearing an old pair of glasses that Hubs had in high school.

(Don’t judge the thickness.  When you have your eye shot with a .22 and have emergency eye surgery, you give thanks that you’re still alive… that you still have your eye and that you can still see out of it.  And then you just wear contacts all the time, because your neck is probably not strong enough to hold up your head AND the glasses your eye doctor will prescribe for you.)

IMG_0576 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0571Do you see why we are continually laughing around here?

It’s because laughter really IS the best medicine.  If we don’t laugh, I don’t know how we’d endure the thousands of times we pull Thing 2 off the top of our refrigerator.

Happy Twenty-One Months, Baby!  Your family sure does love you!

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