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How have y’all been?

I didn’t mean to just up and COMPLETELY QUIT WRITING all of my nonsense posts around here, but then… well… Clark Griswold was on TV, and I really had to cheer him through a holiday with Cousin Eddie at his side.  And then my house was overrun with 7th grade boys, who needed to be fed, because they cannot go more than twenty-seven minutes between meals, or they will die.

IMG_1266And then Thing 2 used one of his new Christmas tractors to demonstrate the proper way to excavate fourteen entire pounds of potting soil out of an indoor plant, right after he found a black Crayola marker and spent three quiet minutes coloring his arms and hands, while his unsuspecting mama loaded the whites into the washing machine.

I didn’t take any snapshots of Crayola Boy.  I was too busy turning him into Dawn Dish Soap Boy, which is sort of like giving a cat a bath.  But… I have THIS picture, which I took on Sunday, right before church, when Thing 2 was looking rather handsome and had bellied himself on up to the bar.

IMG_1269Oh.  And there was also Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and Christmas afternoon and The Day After Christmas, which is also known as The Day Of Cleaning at my house, because sweet mother of Santa’s favorite elf!  I like to end every year with an enormous power clean, and I didn’t disappoint myself in 2013.

Which basically means that one of the bedrooms in our home no longer looks like this:

IMG_0818 IMG_0821And then there was Pinterest, because I’ve decided that I need new colors in my life.  Specifically, all of my picture-hoarding on Pinterest is about to give way to the actual BUYING OF GRAYS AND BLUES AND HOLY CHEVRONS for my living room.

Or at least I THINK it’s going to happen.

I’ve just never been one to rush into any major life decision, which is why I still haven’t let my hair stylist cut me some bangs.


I imagine that sometime this week (and I use that phrase loosely, because I just don’t know what blogging will actually LOOK LIKE this week), I will actually sit down with the twelve thousand pictures I took during the last week and decide which ones are not too blurry, so that I can use them on the blog.  And then, people, I will regal y’all with a picture story of our very merry Christmas.

But for now, I have to go referee the game of Monopoly that is happening between Hubs and the boy, because I’m not going to lie:  Hubs is an outright cheater at Monopoly.  He’s already encouraging the boy to trade Boardwalk straight across for one of the railroads.  The boy has no sense of what the real estate market is capable of, so I need to intervene.  Plus, I think Hubs is trying to build low-income housing on Free Parking, and he’s asking the bank for a HUD loan.

Y’all have a happy… what is it?  Monday night?  Because when you’re on Christmas Vacation, Mondays blur themselves into Thursdays, because every day is a Saturday!

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