Piglets And Boys

I am sitting upstairs right now, listening to a small pack of 7th grade boys belly-laughing downstairs in our family room.  I think it’s safe to say that a group of young teenage boys is very similar to a group of little piglets.  I didn’t know much about piglets.  I just assumed that they were all darling and pink, and that they lounged around in the sun like their elderly ancestors all day, hoping that someone put sunscreen on them.

Except then I got to witness a litter (Is that what you call them?) of little piglets not long ago, and listen.  Puppies do not have the stamina to keep up with a batch of piglet siblings!  Piglets run and roll and squeal.  They hop and dodge and run some more.  They run circles, they run zigzags, they run marathons, and they are continually flopping all over one another.  They are happy and vocal and loud, and they all get terribly excited when a bucket of the rancher’s dinner from the night before is pitched over their fence.

And THAT, people, is what’s happening in my basement right now.  The aroma coming up the stairs even reminds me of the barn where we played with those little pink piglets.


The big news is that… JUST THIS VERY MORNING… I learned that there’s no school tomorrow.

Yes, I teach PE in a real-live school for a living.  Why do you ask? 

In all fairness, I do not teach on Fridays, ever, and I haven’t put forth the energy that it takes to pull the school calendar out of my kitchen junk drawer and scan it for the next vacation days.  But apparently the next vacation days are TOMORROW, so the boy (who has known all week that there would be no school on Friday and never thought to tell me about that, even when I told him that I had bought a Lunchable, of all the unhealthy things, for his FRIDAY LUNCH AT SCHOOL) has invited guests over.

And that’s why things sound like Old MacDonald’s farm around here, E, I, E, I, O.

I really have nothing worthwhile to report tonight, because my very glamorous life revolves around laundry and picking Goldfish crackers out of my sofa cushions.

I know.  People dream about being me.

But, I will tell you that Thing 2 and I joined a bevy of little girls at Sister’s house early this morning, because PLAY DATE!  And, more importantly, CHAI TEA!  So while the big girls chatted endlessly about Very Interesting Things (like what vitamins to give to your child, and how to puree cauliflower to mix in with the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese), Thing 2 hung out with the ladies.

IMG_1489Cousin H’s itty-bitty piggie tails made me SO HAPPY today!  I’m not sure that anything has ever been cuter.

IMG_1505 IMG_1504IMG_1491 IMG_1492 IMG_1500 IMG_1503IMG_1497 IMG_1507

IMG_1525Sister had string cheese and fig bars for snacks for the tiny tots this morning, and listen!


IMG_1520Those three little girls are all VERY FEMININE and VERY LADYLIKE and VERY QUIET and VERY WELL-MANNERED.

And then I brought the bull to play group this morning, and he showed the ladies a preview of what to expect from college boys in the future.   They slouch when they eat, and the majority of their food will just hang out of their mouths, while they shout things like, “GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THE TV!  I CAN’T SEE!”

I just didn’t want there to be any misconceptions with the girls about what they have to look forward to with boys.

Boys are piglets.

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  1. Those are some cute kiddos. Made my day to see that little niece of mine. Wish I could have joined you for chai. Thanks for posting

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