Preschool Foreign Enrichment Program (Alternately Entitled, “You May Need Parental Guidance To Read This Post.”)

So the garbage truck around here is a big deal.

Thing 2’s love for ALL THINGS TRACTOR extends to excavators, bulldozers, trains, helicopters, and armored tanks.  The garbage truck falls right into this Love It List, so we get to watch You Tube videos on the garbage men all.  of.  the.  time.

In a side note, Thing 2 is also fascinated with the alphabet letters right now, and he can recognize and name about five of them, spot on, every time.  He loves a good alphabet presentation on You Tube, too.  This morning, I put one on for him while I was checking the news online, and listen.  The lady singing the alphabet was doing it in a VERY FOREIGN accent, that sounded like it was part Indian, part Norwegian, part Bronx and part Pig Latin.  I couldn’t even pick a hemisphere to pinpoint her land of origin, because there was just too much going on with that accent.  She kept saying that they had two pictures for every letter, so YAY!  This was clearly the Advanced Toddler Homeschooling Class, covering multiple words for each letter, in addition to possible foreign language enrichment.  The lady started with A, because DUH!  And she sang, “A for aeroplane (because FOREIGN PRONUNCIATIONS, TOO)… A for ass…”


There it was, in animated glory for my little boy.  A cartoon airplane flying over a field, where an A-FOR-ASS was eating grass.

Our homeschooling preschool’s executive directer made the quick decision that perhaps we should just go back to watching a video where a real-live excavator digs a gorge and fills a dump truck with a bunch of dirt.

Heavy equipment is so much safer than the alphabet.


The garbage truck comes by our house once a week to collect our trash, just like he does in everyone’s neighborhood.  Only at OUR HOUSE, we literally WAIT for him with impatience and excitement.  Thing 2 would hang party streamers and blow up balloons, too, if the world wasn’t suffering from a helium shortage right now.  He’s THAT THRILLED with the trash truck.

Because we live in the land of perpetual ice and snow and WHEN WILL IT EVER BE WARM AGAIN?, we don’t necessarily go outside in our pajamas any more when the garbage truck arrives on Garbage Day.  We just watch from Thing 2’s bedroom window, where we shout out, “Hi, gah-guj twuck!  Hi, gah-guj twuck!  HIIII!!!!”

IMG_1285 IMG_1288 IMG_1289And that is all followed by, “Bye, gah-guj twuck!  Bye!  Adios!”

Because, yes.  Thing 2 speaks a little Spanish; he tells EVERYONE, “Adios,” when it’s time to say goodbye, because Pa taught him to do that.

After this morning’s video, I now have to worry about him pointing at the donkeys out the Suburban window as we drive by and yelling, “A for Adios, Ass!”

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