… we had a guy stop by and take a look at our dishwasher.

“You know that I’m not cheap, right?  I work for Goldfish crackers and M&Ms, lady.  Let’s get that straight before I even start.”

“But you’ve already crawled in there, sir.  Doesn’t this mean you’ve already started?”

“Crawling in your dishwasher is a complimentary service.  I’ll need the crackers and candies upfront if you want me to actually LOOK THINGS OVER.”

IMG_1272“I think this thing that spins… is… well… fascinating!  Can you give me a minute, just to whip it around and watch it?  And do you mind if I sing a little?  You spin me right ’round, baby, right ’round, like a record, baby…”

“Do I have to pay extra for the singing?”

“Yes.  It’ll cost an entire pile of the BWOO M&Ms.  I like the bwoo ones the best.”

IMG_1273“You know, ain’t nobody can take a decent shower in this thing with this tray in the way.  That would be the first thing I’d get rid of.”

IMG_1275“Don’t think I didn’t hear you LAUGH AT ME when I tried to get my big thighs out of your dishwasher.  That’ll be extra, lady.  I want double the GWEEN M&Ms now.  Next to bwoo, the gween ones are my favorite.”

IMG_1277This repairman… he was a little pricy…

… but we met his demands…

… and I think we’ll keep him around.

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