We Are Officially Back In The World Of CHRISTMAS VACATION IS OVER

So… our re-entry into the real world after two weeks of Christmas Vacation went fairly well.

And by fairly well, I mean that Hubs and the boy took showers and wore jeans and real shirts today.  They packed up their lunches and their Necessary Stuff, and they went out the door, destined for school and work and a full day of Total Productivity and being Contributing Members of Society.

Thing 2 and I stayed at home all day long.

In our pajamas.

Baby steps, people.

But I’ll have you know that Thing 2 and I really did use the vacuum cleaner and the new steam mop and even the washing machine and the dryer, because it’s too early in the year to give up on my goal of LET’S SET PINTEREST ASIDE FOR A WHILE AND WORK AT KEEPING US OFF OF ‘HOARDERS’ ON TV.

(And let’s talk about the new steam mop.  It’s a Shark, and my parents bought it and wrapped it up as my Christmas gift.  I’ll have you know that the happiness inside of me at seeing that little purple Shark was a tangible thing!)

(My joy over that gift completely killed my former 19-year-old self.  SHE would never have wanted a steam mop for Christmas, because receiving such a gift qualified a person as Very Old.  SHE was young and hip and nineteen; she wanted Guess overalls for Christmas, or even a new Shaker sweater.  What she DID NOT WANT as a gift was something that made household chores easier.)

(Remember when Brian gave Annie a blender for their eight-month anniversary in Father of the Bride?  My 19-year-old self would have felt the same way about a Shark steam mop.)

(But seriously.  That Shark steam mop can CLEAN.  A.  FLOOR.  It’s kind of like having your own maid, albeit one that you have to walk behind and push a little bit to get her going.)

While I was folding a load of laundry today, the toddler and I turned the TV on.  Daytime TV has never been my thing; I am not a fan.  But Thing 2 was running like he was the lead horse in the Kentucky Derby, so I decided to see if there was ANYTHING he could watch for ten minutes, while I matched socks and rolled them into precise little sock balls.

We found Sesame Street.  It took me back to my own childhood.  I showed Thing 2, and LOOK!  ELMO!  The toddler was powerfully impressed with Elmo… he was mesmerized.

IMG_1417 IMG_1420 IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1427When Elmo’s cameo appearance was done on the show… Thing 2 was done WITH the show.  He had no interest in any puppet who wasn’t bright red.

And that’s about what I have to report to you this evening.  It’s rather uninteresting and quite undramatic, but that’s how things unfold around here most of the time, when Thing 2 decides he’s not going to climb any refrigerators during the day.

So… as blog filler, I’ll show you some snapshots of Thing 2 that I took last week, because he’s cute.

This picture pretty much sums up a way of life around here:

IMG_1256Who needs a La-Z-Boy recliner, when he has a giant Tonka truck?  It’s exactly like being at a drive-in theater, but without the static-y speakers hanging off your window.

And then, Mam and Pa bought Thing 2 his very own plate and silverware for Christmas.  The plate is Home Depot orange, and the spoon and fork are disguised as heavy construction machinery.  Our toddler loves them in an enormous way.

Last week, we had pizza in front of the Denver Bronco game.  Normally, we’re not an eat-in-front-of-the-TV sort of family, but listen:  It was Christmas Vacation, and the rules were as relaxed as our outfits.

IMG_1259 IMG_1261 IMG_1262 IMG_1263Pizza is Thing 2’s favorite food, because he’s a boy, and because he’s a kid.  He would eat cheese pizza for every meal, if his parents would just give in and subscribe to his way of thinking.

But… with the excavator fork…

… Thing 2 actually ATE A CARROT this past Saturday night!

I know that this shouldn’t be huge news, because I’m sure y’all have children who don’t make a fuss at the dinner table and throw their vegetables off of their high chair, onto the floor, seven nights a week.  Thing 2 has a PASSIONATE DISLIKE for everything VEGETABLE, and I’m going bald while I pull my hair out over HOW DO I GET HIM TO EAT SOMETHING GROWN IN THE GROUND?

But on Saturday night, he stabbed a cooked carrot with his fancy fork… AND HE ATE IT.  It was just one carrot, but… HE ATE A CARROT!

And then he ate about nine green peas with his backhoe spoon right after that.

We called it a Dinner Victory.

And that’s it for tonight, y’all.

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