We Survived The Band Concert

The boy had a band concert last night.  If you’ve ever given sugar pills to a young chimpanzee and told him to wash it all down with red Kool-Aide, and then hauled him off to an auditorium filled with people wearing their Sunday best who are all SITTING STILL, you can start to get an idea what it was like for us last night with Thing 2 in the audience.

He was like a circus monkey who wanted his freedom.  He was tired of clapping the symbols for the crowds, and he was anxious to escape.

Except once the music started, he was also interested in showing Mick Jagger that his dance moves are only mediocre, at best.  Hubs and I couldn’t control ALL THE DANCING.  There was head banging and feet stomping, and even a little break dancing resurrected from 1987.

Then Thing 2 sneezed a projectile sneeze that hit the gentleman in front of us.  No one saw it coming, but we all saw it land.

On a man’s neck.

And what can you do at that point, when the man in front of you hesitantly brings his hand up to touch the back of his head that is covered with Sneeze Fallout?  You just apologize at a hundred miles per hour and hope for the best.

The best was that the man said, “I have twins.  This is nothing.  I’ve been covered in far worse.”

Bless his heart.  I almost invited him and his wife to join us at Starbucks after the concert, so that I could cement a friendship with a family who doesn’t mind being sneezed upon.

The boy looked incredibly handsome in his tie last night.

The sad part is that I look at him now and see more of the man he will become than the little boy that he was.

IMG_1454 IMG_1457Of course I have stellar snapshots to show you from the actual concert, because WHO STILL HAS NO IDEA HOW TO USE HER GIANT CAMERA?

Oh, that’s right.  It’s me.  I couldn’t remember all the facts when the concert began.  Low ISO?  Or high?  So I just went with the standard flash photography, because that’s when the camera does most of the work for you and gives you photographs that professional photographers will actually cringe at.

IMG_1463 IMG_1465Oh, look!  There’s Enzo!

IMG_1464I pulled these few snapshots off as the 7th grade band filed onto the stage, because this isn’t my first band concert rodeo.  Last year we learned exactly how doting parents will see their children from the theater seating:

IMG_1467Music stands are the worst nightmare to a mama with a camera.

Afterward, I snagged a couple more shots, as the boys left the stage in their cold weather attire.  The boy was NOT AT ALL IMPRESSED  with his band teacher’s decision to have everyone wear winter hats and scarves for their last song.

7th grade boys aren’t really excited about Band Costumes.

IMG_1469 IMG_1471And seriously… do y’all remember the olden days, when Enzo was taller than the boy by an inch or two?  Well, this year the boy GREW.  He has grown out of every pair of pants he has… his feet have busted out of his shoes… and he eats like a racehorse left in a field of clover too long.

IMG_1473Enzo actually asked if he could stand on a stool for this photo.   Hubs and I found this funny, because we honestly didn’t expect the boy to EVER grow.  He was always one of the runts in his elementary school class.

So the concert was good.  Cousin R was there to bounce Thing 2 around for a while, too.

IMG_1461Somehow the three of us made sure that our circus monkey didn’t escape to the open world of freedom.  After the concert, we wrestled him back into his carseat and brought him home to bed.

And the judges gave Thing 2 a solid score of six-point-five, out of ten, as far as his Concert Etiquette went.

It was that sneeze that damaged his score the most.

Y’all have a great Wednesday evening.

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