Chatty Cathies

I don’t think that anyone would argue over the fact that girls tend to talk more than boys do.

It’s just that girls have a million and sixteen different topics to discuss, at any given point in the day.  There are conversations to be had about good hair styles and bad hair styles… about jeans and how they fit… about decent gluten-free recipes, the latest romantic comedy at the theater, parenting, marriages, sales at Target and Ralph Lauren, who put what on Facebook, more parenting, the back stories on the Olympic athletes, jobs, dinner menus, still more parenting issues, and even laundry detergents.  And THOSE, people, are just the topics covered in the first twenty-five minutes of coffee time between two girls.

Guys discuss the score of last night’s game… mention the weather… and boom!  They’re done talking to one another.  And what gets me is that guys are TOTALLY OKAY WITH THIS.  I can’t even begin to imagine how UTTERLY BORING it must be to have so few topics to discuss.

Chatting after church has become a big issue at our house, because listen:  When Pastor John finishes up with his sermon and dismisses everyone, I NEED to find girls to talk to.  We circle up in the hallways, and everyone is talking at forty-two miles an hour, because we’ve just SAT QUIETLY for the entire church service, and we have some things to say.

While I’m in the middle of the penguin huddle (as Hubs likes to call it), talking and listening, and listening and talking, Hubs and the boy will look at a couple of other guys… say, “Yeah, how ’bout that game?  Six to one!  I’d say that’s a great score.  And more snow!” and, just like that, they’ve covered everything they know (or even care) to talk about, and they are ready to load up in the car and LEAVE.  FOR.  HOME.

The only problem is that they can’t, because Mama is usually waist-deep in a conversation about CHRISTY IS FLYING TO CHINA THIS WEEK TO GET HER BABY, and I’m not even remotely close to being ready to go.

You can’t just leave a conversation about an upcoming adoption before you’ve talked it out, front ways and backwards and sideways.

A couple of weeks ago, Hubs mentioned that maybe we should become the type of family that takes two cars to church, so that some family members can leave before other family members do.

So… when I saw this snapshot posted on Facebook a couple of days ago, I laughed out loud.  Oh, I know that people say, “LOL!” all the time, when, in fact, they don’t mean it at all.  They know they weren’t REALLY laughing out loud… they were more Smiling Slightly and Moving On.  But, honestly, I laughed so hard, my Big Apple computer nearly suffered a spraying of chai tea, because that’s what I was sipping at the precise second that I saw this.

People, THIS exactly sums up our family:


I just thought I’d share it with y’all, and I only needed just slightly more than five hundred words to do it.

AND… if you like to talk to Jesus, y’all could mention our good friends, Scott and Christy, to Him today… and even for the next ten days, because they left for China this morning at 6:00 AM.  Jesus picked out a little girl for them, who is THE! CUTEST! THING!, and they’re going halfway across the world to gather her up and bring her home.  Honestly, I cry every single time I think about them embarking on this journey, because I love them so much, and because adoption is such a precious topic to me.  Their little Janie Girl has a family!  She has been in an orphanage for nearly two years, and she has a family, right here in Small Town, USA!  She has a mom and a dad.  She has two big brothers.  She has grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and good, good friends, and everyone already loves her until their hearts might explode.  We just need to get her home to her family now.  If everything goes according to schedule, Scott and Christy will be holding her for good on Monday!!  So if y’all want to ask Jesus for some traveling mercies for Scott and Christy, and ask Him for little Janie (who is almost two years old) to bond well with them, and that HER trip home to the US will go smoothly for her, because she has never traveled on an airplane before, I’m sure they’d appreciate it a ton.

And look!  Here’s Christy in front of the Gum Wall in Seattle this morning.  They had a chunky layover there today, so she and Scott did some sight-seeing.  I still can’t believe that they picked standing in front of a wall of chewed gum for a photo backdrop.  I hate to admit it, but I think I’d need a Germ-X shower after being that close to this wall, because YES!  All those colored splotches are pieces of bubblegum that have been chewed by strangers!

I just died a little.

photoY’all have a great Wednesday evening.

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