Mountain Goats As House Pets

So my friend Becki posted THIS little gem on my Facebook page yesterday morning:

1962686_491538544283782_2131732704_nFirst of all, you should know that this isn’t our refrigerator and that isn’t our toddler.  I know this to be true, because I THINK that’s a big jug of protein powder on top of the fridge.  Having a canister of protein powder in your house that’s too big to be stored in a cupboard and winds up on the top of your refrigerator implies that you probably work out.

See?  It’s not my refrigerator.

But do y’all know what IS our fridge?


IMG_2413 IMG_2415And… that’s even our toddler dangling from it like a monkey on a vine in the rainforest.

And obviously, I grabbed my camera before he fell.  Except you should know, he’s Thing 2; he doesn’t usually fall from gravity-defying experiences like this.  He’s the closest thing Hubs and I have ever seen to a mountain goat who lives indoors, and he has the upper body strength of the Incredible Hulk…

… which could be because JUST MAYBE he’s stealing protein powder off of refrigerator tops elsewhere.

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