He’s Two


Dear Little Peanut,

Today, you are two.  Mama wanted to write you a nice letter to put on the blog tonight, even though you can’t read yet.  Oh, you KNOW all your letters — you know every last one of them, except for L.  You miss L whenever you recite the alphabet, and if we show you an L and ask you what it is, you shake your head and call it by the name of a different, random letter.  L is dead to you, and that’s okay, because… well… you’re two.  And since you’ve learned 25 of the letters in the last three months, Daddy and I figure that you’ll figure L out before you go to kindergarten.

I don’t know how this letter is going to pan out tonight, because listen:  You’re suddenly back to boycotting sleep.  Older people NEED THE SLEEP, Son, and sometimes grownups can’t write intelligent sentences when they are sleep deprived.  Daddy and I know that you have the energy of a squirrel after a Starbucks visit, but we do not.  We need to sleep as much as possible, just to keep up with you during the daytime hours, but now you’ve decided that everyone needs to party at night, too.  This morning, you woke up at 1:00, and Mama FINALLY realized at 5 AM that you had fallen asleep.  You seem to think that the middle of the night is a fine time to get up and holler for your parents… for your Bubbie… and for your trucks and tractors.  It’s Mama’s job to make sure that the dark-time hours are NO FUN.  I’m learning to police your bedroom with an iron fist and a bullwhip, because we’re just not going to get into the habit of thinking that you can make this a habit.

Primarily because all the NOT SLEEPING will kill Mama dead.

But… other than this little sleeping hiccup (which I know we’ll get through, because Jesus is going to get plum tired of me begging him repeatedly to PLEASE! LET THE TODDLER SLEEP!), life is so much fun with you.

You live life large, Thing 2.  You live life large and loud… you plow into every situation headfirst, without looking back.  You have more personality in the fingernail on your left pinky than some children have in their entire bodies.  You are on fire for life… you laugh like crazy… you sing constantly… and YOU DANCE.  You dance like no one is looking, except someone is ALWAYS LOOKING, because you do love to have an audience when you get the rhythm going.  We’ve never seen a baby dance like you do.  It’s a little salsa dancing… it’s a little breakdancing… it’s a little I JUST MADE THESE MOVES UP ON THE FLY kind of dancing.  And… your dancing is always hysterical.

You are a physical little boy, who climbs everything.  You climb the refrigerator doors by gripping the handles.  You climb the sofa.  You climb up dressers and entertainment centers and cabinets.  You climb EVERYTHING.  And now, when you summit high places, you like to holler out, “One… two… three…” right before you jump.   Mama has learned that when you start counting randomly like that… she’d better be running fast, because goodness knows WHAT you’re about to bail off of.

You love to wrestle.  You love to have people chase you around and tickle you.  You love to kick balls and throw balls and roll on top of balls.  You love your trucks and your tractors, and you have pushed these toys more than a hundred thousand miles across our hardwood floors.

You’re smart as a whip, too.  You know your alphabet (Minus L, but then… L probably isn’t that important.).  You can recognize all your letters, except for that pesky L again.  You know the sounds that A and B and C and G all make.  You can count to ten, and you recognize all the numbers from one to ten.  You know all of your colors, including silver and gold.  You know all of your shapes… and you even know the hard ones, like octagons and rhombuses.  You can sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and Matt Redman’s “10,000 Reasons,” and lots of other songs.  Daddy and Bubbie and I are amazed at HOW MUCH YOU KNOW.  Daddy says that having a bored Thing 2 in kindergarten is NOT going to be a good thing.  We’re afraid that you’ll start kindergarten and be so underwhelmed with what the teacher is teaching, that you’ll find other ways to entertain yourself in the classroom.

What else?  You’re a tank, that’s what.  We know you’re hovering right around the thirty-pound mark… Mama guesses you’re probably a full thirty-one pounds.  Your brother weighed thirty-two pounds ON HIS 4th BIRTHDAY!!  You’re built like a brick, Thing 2.  Daddy always says that you’ll play the line in high school football.

Your favorite foods are cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese, most fruits, crackers, yogurt, oatmeal and sugar.  You won’t touch a vegetable to save your life.  There is honestly not a vegetable that God has given to us that you will even sample.  You hate them all.  You are the pickiest eater that we have ever met, and this has caused your parents some gray hairs, because if you don’t like it, you just toss your dinner over the side of your highchair every single night.

And that binky!  You don’t go ANYWHERE without the binky.  Daddy and I are worried that it’ll go to college with you, because you won’t let it loose for anything.

And… MAN, Thing 2!  We sure do love you!  When we found out that you were a possibility for our family… when we got a phone call from Deb saying that there might be “this baby” that we could adopt… we fell in love with you.  Mama loved you then, Little Man.  I loved you before I even knew if I could have you.  We prayed for you constantly.  I would lay awake at night, wondering what you would look like… and what your little personality would be like… exactly like I would have done if I had been pregnant with you.  You have been SO DADGUM LOVED, since the very first second we knew that you might be coming into our lives.  You have stretched our hearts wide with all the love… and I know your Bubbie feels the same way about you.

Mama and Daddy always considered it a miracle that we managed to have your Bubbie.  We never thought that we would get a second chance at a baby… and God had other plans for us, because God planned YOU for us.  You and Bubbie are both miracles… enormous miracles… precious miracles.

Happy birthday, Thing 2!  Your family adores you!  We just cannot envision our lives without the little fireball that we call YOU.  It would be a lot better if you would SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG, but we are head over our heels in love with you.

You are as precious to your parents as your Bubbie is.  Daddy and I are pretty sure that Jesus gave us the two BEST BOYS of ever!

We love you so much.



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