Spring Break ’14… Day One

The honest truth is, my first day of Spring Break ’14 was even better than I had hoped.  It’s because I helped out at youth group last night at our church, and I hauled both boys with me.  And because it was one of those crazy evenings at home (“Where are your shoes?  How can you lose one shoe?  Get your shoes on; we have to go!  Here!  Eat something!  I nuked frozen chicken nuggets for you!  Hurry!  Why aren’t your shoes on yet?  We’re going to be late for youth group, and I’m teaching games!”), the dirty dinner dishes were piled in the sink and just left behind.

No one washed them.

Especially not our LG dishwasher, because she is now nothing but a squatter at our house.  She sits in our kitchen and does absolutely no work.  You’d think that the grownups around here would call a repairman already, but we seem content with the status quo, which is Mama pretending that she’s in a Palmolive commercial every single night of the week, while she reminisces about her glory days, when the dishwasher actually worked.

Except last night I didn’t film my dish soap advertisement.

Mainly because I didn’t wash the dishes last night.

Which means that all manner of ketchup and ranch salad dressing didn’t get rinsed off of the plates.

So that is how I welcomed in Spring Break Week, Plus A Few Days More.  I faced ranch dressing that had sat on a dinner plate through the long, dark hours of the night.  I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel when I’m greeted with such a project, but if you’ve ever seen yellowed, ranch dressing Jell-O, then you know my day-opener firsthand.

When I was finished, I made a chai tea in the Keurig and popped a paper umbrella into it, because… well… SPRING BREAK.

While the boy was busy at school today, finishing up his second-to-last-day-before-break-week-hits, I made Thing 2 attend homeschool preschool.  It’s because Thing 2 has discovered the joys of Donald Duck on You Tube, and he will sit for thirty uninterrupted minutes in front of the duck who needs speech therapy.

And frankly, the other option was that he kept pushing a chair over to my kitchen sink, while I was fighting gelatinous ketchup and salad dressing, because he wanted to do homeschool home economics, where he learned to wash dishes and flood my kitchen.  So…. the duck did some babysitting.

Don’t judge me.

IMG_3054 IMG_3057 IMG_3060 IMG_3065 IMG_3067 IMG_3068And that, folks, was pretty much our inaugural day of Spring Break ’14.  If we keep the activity up at this level, we’re going to have to stay hydrated.

I chose a nice Mike’s Hard Cranberry for hydration purposes tonight.

The thickened salad dressing with the smell of ghetto dumpsters made me do it.

Have a fantastic weekend, y’all, and we’ll try to see you around Jedi Mama, Incorporated on Sunday night.

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