We. Have. Slept.


We had some partying yesterday, because it’s not every day that someone turns two.  There was pizza and a bright yellow cake that Grammy brought, that was shaped exactly like roadkill when the birthday banners came down.

For the record, the yellow frosting may never come out of the rug beneath our dining room table.

For the other record… What family is dumb enough to even HAVE a rug beneath their dining room table when they strap a crocodile into a highchair every night?  Goat legs and spaghetti noodles are pretty much guaranteed to wind up staining the carpet in the aftermath of the feeding frenzy.

Of course there were snapshots of the birthday boy in action, but we’ll have to get to those on another night, because listen:  Today has just been one of those days.  And by one of those days, I mean I subbed in the pre-kindergarten classroom this afternoon, so that the teacher could leave school early and catch her son’s basketball tournament, which is out of town.  One of the little four-year-old girls handed me a pencil and said she needed it sharpened.  THAT is something that I thought I was qualified to do.  I walked over to the electric pencil sharpener, and shoved the pencil inside.  Nothing.  I pulled it out, looked for an ON button, and came up short.  So I shoved the pencil in the sharpener again, and I got the same result, which was a big fat THIS THING ISN’T WORKING.  I asked another little girl who was standing beside me, “Is there a trick to this pencil sharpener?”  And, bless her four-year-old heart, she said, “Usually Mrs. C. plugs it in first.”


And that has kind of been my day.  I can’t even blame a lack of sleep, because GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH, Thing 2 slept all night long without making a peep until 5:15 this morning.  That translated into me sleeping like a narcoleptic sloth on an Ambien tablet for seven straight hours.

But… we did get outside this morning for a bit to holler at the wild turkeys, because that’s what we do when they trespass across our property lines.

IMG_2728 IMG_2730 IMG_2731 IMG_2732

And that’s going to be about it for things around here this evening, y’all.  Have a merry little weekend, and please remember this one thing:

An electric pencil sharpener is only as good as the outlet you plug it into.

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