It’s Playoff Time

This pretty much sums up what’s going on at our house right now…

MjAxMi00YWQ2N2I1NjhmNzI0YmE4Forget the concept of March Madness and basketball, because who really watches basketball, anyway?  We celebrate April-May-June Madness over here, at our house.  And since there wasn’t a single spot in my marriage vows were I promised to watch every Avalanche hockey game until the very end, sometimes I go to bed in the third period, while the score is tied.

And I don’t lie awake thinking about the game’s outcome at all.

Hubs, on the other hand, has RE-WATCHED the first couple of playoff games that the Avs were in last week.  The miracle of the DVR allows him to enjoy each game two… three… even seventeen more times, if that’s the desire of his heart.

Which it usually is.

Hubs would never go to bed during the third period.  Hubs, in fact, needs an hour and a half AFTER A GAME FINISHES just to wind down and bring his blood pressure and emotions and possible Tourette’s Syndrome under control, so that he CAN sleep.

Y’all have a good Tuesday night, and just remember:  Apparently nobody really likes the Minnesota Wild, so throw all of your confetti onto the Colorado Avalanche.

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