The Nobel Prize In Literature Has Been Won By A Six-Year-Old This Year

I’ve always told the kids in my PE class that A+ grades can easily be secured with chai teas from Starbucks.  There’s just something about a white cup with a green mermaid on it, when it’s filled with a no-water, chai latte, that makes me EXTRA HAPPY when I sit down to do my report card grades at the computer each quarter.  When I have one of those in my hand, I just want to hit the A key as many times as I possibly can.

Kids know this.

It might be because I’m forever saying things in the gym like, “Do you want an A+ on your report card?  A Starbucks, no-water chai latte will get you there.  A Starbucks COFFEE will move you into C- territory.  Know the difference.”

This week, though, I got a text message on my iPhone from the mama of one of my kindergartners.  He’s pretty much one of the cutest six-year-olds I know.  If his mother would give him up, I would adopt him faster than one of my heartbeats on a treadmill.  His mom wanted to share a writing assignment that her little guy had done in his classroom with me.

IMG_1155The top of the worksheet asks the kindergarten class, “What days do you like best?”

Had I filled this one in, I probably would have written something very mature, like SUMMER VACATION DAYS, or DAYS WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS COOKING DINNER, or even MY BIRTHDAY.  But… I think little William completely nailed this assignment.

Let me translate it for you:

“My favorite teacher is Miss Tammy.  (That’s me, of course.)  I wish that we had more PE.  I will ask for more PE.”

Boom!  William is getting an A+ in PE.  He might have just secured that grade for life… year after year, actually, because BEST WRITING ASSIGNMENT EVER!!  I’m not going to lie.  This piece of writing is better than anything Shakespeare or Steinbeck or Twain EVER managed to crank out.

Well played, William.  Well played.

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