Boy Moms And What They Must Be Prepared For

My friend Bridget has three boys; I have two.

We are both parenting young teenagers and the Terrible Twos at the same time, so we understand each other’s need for wine and fellowship.

We also understand that the knees of jeans just EXPLODE on a playground, that your bathrooms will never, ever be presentable to company, unless said company doesn’t mind using your facilities when there is more pee on the bathroom floor near the toilet than the amount that has actually been flushed down by the toilet in the past week, that there will NEVER be enough food stored in your pantry to feed the beasts, that they will mow exactly one-fourth of the lawn and BELIEVE that they’ve finished the job and should be given money in the equivalency of an anesthesiologist’s yearly salary, and that things like playground bark, small Matchbox cars and purple sucker chunks will fall out of the toddler’s curly hair at bedtime.

Bridget and I just talked about those very things on the phone yesterday.

And then today, the link for THIS blog post was emailed to me, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So, if you’re the mama to a pack of wolves boys, or if you are the mama to an adorable little group of girls and you just want to know what Boy Moms go through in their lives, day in and day out, then this is a must-read.

TEN THINGS MOMS OF BOYS MUST DO — written by a blogger called Scary Mommy

And then!

My friend, Sarah, has been trying to adopt a little fellow from Ethiopia long before Hubs and I ever got Thing 2… long before Thing 2 was even born, in fact.  It has taken them a sweet forever, as they SLOWLY worked their way up the list for families selected to be paired with a child, and THEN!  After they were sent photos of a gorgeous little fellow they named Jeffrey… after Jeffrey was LEGALLY theirs, according to Ethiopian law, and after they were scheduled to bring Jeffrey home to the US, they encountered piles of sticky red tape that made them feel like they had just walked into a horrible spider web that they had to ninja-kick their way out of.

Our family has been praying like crazy people for Sarah and HER family, because DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO KNOW THAT YOUR SON IS HALF WAY AROUND THE WORLD FROM YOU, AND YOU CANNOT BRING HIM HOME YET?

The answer is NO.  No, we don’t.  Every night, Sarah would tuck her two boys into their beds here in Small Town, and pray for her third son, who has been in Africa, waiting for her.


Guess who picked up Jeffrey today?!  And guess who’s going to be home — home to Small Town, USA! — later this week?  I have no idea why Jesus made Sarah and Jason wait so blasted long to gather Jeffrey up and bring him to their house, but they flew to Africa this weekend, and they’ve got him today!

When Sarah posted this picture this morning, I bawled.  And honestly?  I have done NOTHING BUT BAWL all day long.  It has been an Ugly Cry of Happiness.  I’ve cried so hard, the mascara has run down my face and made me look like a Halloween horror show.  I cried so hard, I gave myself a headache.  And it’s all because I’m so excited for her to complete her family with Jeffrey.  I’m so excited for Jeffrey’s two older brothers to finally meet him and love on him.  I’m so excited for Jeffrey to be leaving the group home that he’s been in for almost two years in Africa.  I’m so excited for Jeffrey to JUST BE HOME WITH HIS FAMILY, WHERE HE BELONGS!  And I’m so stinking excited for Jeffrey and Thing 2 to start causing mayhem together.

Is he not THE CUTEST little thing you’ve seen today?!  I want to just smooch him and smooch him, and then I want to whisper in his ear that Jesus sure picked a special family out for him to be a part of.


Happy Monday, y’all.

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