The Department Of Family Services Is No Longer Worried About The Condition Of Our Home

So first thing this morning, I had to attend a staff meeting at the little school where I teach PE.  It was one of those staff meetings where a breakfast casserole and bagels and strawberries that were grown in the Garden of Eden were available on the center table of the school’s library, because IT’S SUMMER, PEOPLE!  And nothing shouts that out better than a teacher saying, “Look!  I was so excited about today, I baked blueberry muffins and these peanut butter cookies!”

We hashed out the necessary END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR things, and then everyone went through the checkout process with our principal.  My equipment closet was neat and tidy as a pin, because last week my 3rd graders helped me stack plastic bowling pins and rearrange scooters and hang hoola hoops off of ceiling hooks in a very precise manner, in exchange for CAN WE  PLAY DODGE BALL OUTSIDE NOW?  Because of that bartering agreement, my checkout was a breeze this morning.

And NOW I am on summer vacation for the next three months.

Can I get an AMEN for that?!

After that, I came home… and listen.  Our house was not even as organized and clean as a crack house usually is.  It’s sad that people who manufacture illegal drugs and never comb their hair can keep a home looking nicer than I can during the final two weeks of May.

So… we took care of business today.  There was vacuuming and mopping and scrubbing.  There were toilets that got cleaned, mirrors that got themselves washed, and beds that discovered the joy of fresh sheets.  The washing machine ran faster than a space shuttle at launch time, because IS EVERYONE WEARING THE SAME PAIR OF SOCKS THEY’VE HAD ON FOR THREE DAYS NOW, BECAUSE THERE SIMPLY AREN’T ANY FRESH ONES IN THE DRAWERS?  Our kitchen counters were rediscovered in an archaeological dig, and we unearthed the dining room table again.

I’m sure I overheard the boy whisper, “This is the very best FIRST MONDAY OF SUMMER VACATION that I’ve ever enjoyed!”

And THAT is how today panned out, people.  It was a necessary day, and now we can put it behind us…

… until someone thinks they need clean socks again.

10177426_10152281850241704_5040008727385608812_nY’all have a happy Monday evening.

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