There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Or A Free Golf Club.

It was 93 degrees here today, with a hot wind, so basically whenever we walked outside, it pretty much felt like we were sitting on the surface of the sun.

And, no.  I never exaggerate.

The boy went golfing with his friend, Quinn, in all the heat.  He texted me photos from his phone of a broken golf club, and said, “Well, it was a sweet drive, and now my club is in two pieces.”  Because doesn’t every parent just want to buy random new clubs all the time?  After their golf game, Quinn and the boy went out to eat at a hot spot downtown, where they sat outside on the deck and paid for their own lunches.  The boy came home and hollered, “Oh, my gosh!  Quinn and I only ordered burgers and hot wings, and our bill was $31.00!”

I simply cackled and said, “Welcome to the adult world, Son!”

And then he said, “I just spent ALL of my money from mowing the lawn this week on a burger and hot wings!  That’s ridiculous!”

Wait until I tell him how much a new golf club costs.

After golfing and melting in the heat and experiencing EXPENSIVE LUNCH REMORSE, the boy showered and headed off to the VERY AIR CONDITIONED movie theater with his friend, Gage.  Before he left, he said, “I’m broke; I can’t even buy popcorn, because I bought a burger and hot wings that were made out of solid gold this afternoon.”

I know that I shouldn’t have… but I gave him $5 for Twizzlers.  I couldn’t help myself; I was afraid that he hadn’t inhaled his daily serving of artificial red dye.

Merry summer, Boy.  Mama loves you.

Since the boy has a real social life and was gone all day, Thing 2 and I decided that 93 degrees and a hot wind weren’t going to keep us from playing at the park.  Thankfully, this isn’t Sister’s first rodeo with a hot summer day, so she and her tribe of children joined us.

IMG_6196 IMG_6197 IMG_6198 IMG_6201 IMG_6202 IMG_6205 IMG_6209 IMG_6210 IMG_6216 IMG_6219 IMG_6239 IMG_6238 IMG_6232 IMG_6231 IMG_6224 IMG_6251 IMG_6242 IMG_6244 IMG_6245 IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6262 IMG_6264 IMG_6265 IMG_6291 IMG_6266 IMG_6268 IMG_6270 IMG_6272 IMG_6281 IMG_6284 IMG_6290 IMG_6272 IMG_6275 IMG_6280And then Thing 2 and I went to the grocery store.

I spent $71.83, and I came home with five bags.

Wait until I tell the boy.

Y’all have a good Wednesday evening.

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