And… They’re Off!


IMG_8692… I sent him off to the 8th grade today.

THE 8th GRADE!!!!

He needs a haircut, in the worst way, but he had a good day, and he was excited to see all of his buddies in one place again, because, HELLO, SOCIAL CHILD OF MINE.

He’s taking advanced science, advanced math, advanced history, and REGULAR English.

I’m not sure that I contributed ANYTHING to his gene pool.  I don’t even understand the function keys on the calculator, and geometry proofs caused me Serious Frustration, but if you need your sentence diagrammed… then I’m your girl.

IMG_8694This is THE.  LAST.  YEAR.  before he’s in high school.

I hope it’s the slowest year of EVER, because I’m not sure how I can explain the fact that I’m only twenty-four… and yet I have a freshman.  I’ll have to start telling people that he’s my little brother, and upping the time I spend with my stylist and that pot of color that she brushes onto my hair.


I’m glad that he had a terrific first day of the eighth grade.

And look at everyone else!

Here’s Cousin W, who is the REAL high school freshman in this family:

WTBAnd then here’s the rest of the junior high crowd, as all three of these kiddos started 6th grade this year…

Cousin L:

IMG_2786And Cousin M:

McCAnd Cousin R:

IMG_2780Cousin B is an 8th grader this year, too, because he and the boy were born just a few months apart.

BPBThe elementary school crowd is kind of sparse this year in our family.

Miss A is a 4th grader now…

ALB… and Cousin K started the 3rd grade this morning.

IMG_2784I remember when Sister and I, and my sisters-in-law, were all VERY YOUNG GIRLS, with babies and toddlers running around together.

And now look at us!  We’ve put the bulk of everyone in the junior high school, and Big Cousin H is a COLLEGE FRESHMAN THIS YEAR!

IMG_4562Apparently it’s time for us to sign up for the shuffleboard league at our local senior centers and start slamming Metamucil cocktails in the evenings, because HOW ON EARTH DID ALL THIS OLD AGE CREEP UP ON US?

Thank goodness we have Thing 2 and Little Cousin H around to keep us young.

IMG_7553 IMG_7559 IMG_7584And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pull my dentures out, throw an afghan over my cold knees, and get ready for Murder, She Wrote on rerun.

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