Did You Try Rebooting?

It’s no secret that I live in the middle of Technology Experts.

Hubs and the boy know some things.  They know how to bring sound back to my tablet, when it quits making sounds and the settings LIE TO ME and indicate that HELLO!  THE SOUND IS ON!  They know how to access programs on the DVR, because they know the whole “press-this-button-on-this-remote-then-press-this-button-on-that-remote-blink-your-eyes-nineteen-times-and-press-this-button-on-the-third-remote” process to actually enter the DVR.  They know the answer to why we actually have so many remotes to control a single TV in the first place.  They know how to use the Hopper to put live TV on their smart phones, so that they can watch the Denver Broncos while we’re in church.  They know which wires to cut when they have to diffuse bombs, they know where spark plugs actually go, they know how to use Remote Access to get onto another person’s computer that is fourteen hundred entire miles away from them, they know how to build things called SERVERS, they know how to write secret codes to make computers do their bidding, and they can figure out why the LG refrigerator’s ice maker is dying.

(For the record?  I can no longer endorse ANY LG product.  They are all dead to me.)


(The LG phone I once had.  The LG dishwasher that is currently taking up prime real estate in our kitchen, but which does not work.  The LG refrigerator, whose ice maker is in desperate need of an exorcism.  I hate them all.)

(I’m sorry LG.  It’s not me.  It’s you.)


I know NOTHING about technology, unless it involves turning the computer on, buying a shirt off of Ralph Lauren’s website, checking my email, playing Words With Friends, or pinning casserole recipes that I’ll never make on Pinterest.  My lone tool for troubleshooting is DID YOU TRY REBOOTING?

If rebooting fails, I throw my hands up into the air and quit.  And then I put my giant robe on, take my mouth guard out, use the Gatorade bottle to squirt water over my head, and crawl out of the boxing ring, while I make plans to wait for my people to come home and help me.


… when I saw THIS the other day, I actually laughed.  It was a genuine LOL, instead of the “I’m-typing-LOL-but-I-did-not-actually-do-any-laughing-at-all” response.

ScreenShot2013-03-29at92923AM_zps2e5942a1Sometimes we see ourselves reflected in a text message…

… and there I am.

Oklahoma, people.  Oklahoma.

Y’all have a happy Wednesday evening.

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