Turtle: It’s What’s For Dinner

Warning:  This blog post contains a single, disturbing image.

I felt like you should know.

In case you’re… like… a vegetarian or something.

Because THIS happened at our house for dinner one night this past week:

IMG_7149That would be one of the turtles that Hubs and the boy grilled up on the Traeger.  I’m not sure that anything sings the songs of love to the male soul quite like a giant hamburger patty wrapped in bacon, with some hot dog accessories shoved in around the edges for good measure.

I also felt like we had reached a new dinner low, because this is pretty much the stuff people in the swamps eat.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear our family physician calling in our cholesterol medication to the pharmacy.

Y’all have a good Tuesday night.

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