Bagels Require Confession

Have I ever mentioned that my Tuesdays are long?


I haven’t?

Well… my Tuesdays are long, especially since they often start at 4:50 in the morning, when Thing 2 gets out of bed and shouts, “Hi-lo, Mommy!  Hi-lo!”  (Which is “Hello” in Toddler-Speak.)  And when Thing 2 gets out of bed, there is no alignment, out of all the mathematical possibilities of alignments between all of the planets in the universe, that can happen that will convince him to PLEASE!  GET BACK IN BED AND CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SLEEP!!  If Thing 2 is up at 4:50, I am up at 4:50, and it is for.  the.  day!!

Really, I don’t have anything for y’all tonight, other than YES, WE GOT UP EARLY, and YES, WE HAD A GOOD TIME IN PE TODAY, and YES, THING 2 CONTINUES TO EARN M&Ms BY TINKLING ON THE BIG BOY POTTY, so… I’ll just leave you with this:

10441325_10152477216795000_881537396660428035_nOf course, this comes on the tail end of the fact that our school’s PTO brought in giant bagels and eight different cream cheese spreads for the teachers this morning.  The gifted artist among them arranged those bagels and tubs of cream cheese on a gold platter in a manner that could have been served to the Queen, herself, and she left out little plastic knives and fancy napkins that NEEDED TO BE LAUNDERED AND NOT SIMPLY THROWN AWAY, BECAUSE HELLO, REAL LINEN, and it was all very Pinterest-worthy.

Until our secretary announced, “Did you know that a single bagel is… like… the equivalent of five slices of white bread?”

Which is probably why we all needed to walk across the street from our little, private Catholic school to the church, sit down in a confessional and announce, “Forgive us, Father, because we have sinned.  We ate bagels, loaded with carbs, today, and we decorated them with pumpkin cream cheese, and, Heaven forbid it, but we enjoyed those bagels!

Y’all have a merry Tuesday evening.  I’m off to bed, because I think my toddler and I will be up early tomorrow morning, planning out our low-carb day.

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