Snow. Sunshine. Tennis. Goats.

I should start tonight by telling you that I am, without a doubt, a real mother.  It’s kind of like when Pinocchio became a real boy.  Or when the Velveteen Rabbit became real.

I always just assumed that I was a real mother, because I have caught vomit in my bare hands… more than once.  For some reason, THAT seemed to be the defining act that separated REAL MOTHERS from the I-STILL-HAVE-A-DAY-JOB MOTHERS.  Standing in front of a small person, without the benefit of a bucket or a plastic Walmart bag or even an empty Ritz crackers box, while you cupped your hands together and WILLINGLY accepted the vomit into them, in order to KEEP IT OFF THE FLOOR ALREADY, is a terrific act of courage.

And then there was today.

While Thing 2 was snuggled in my lap to rock for his afternoon nap, I noticed that LOOK AT THAT!  IT’S A LITTLE DRIED BOOGER ON THE EDGE OF YOUR NOSE.  And so I did what any mother would do, real or otherwise.

I used my fingernail to grab the little dried up speck.

The only thing was…

… I had no idea that it was a comet with a five-foot tail.

Oh, yes.  The dried up bit was the decoy part, while the wet and sloppy, five-feet-worth of tail was wrapped twice around the toddler’s brain.

And since we were SITTING DOWN, I was unable to actually take a step backwards to keep on pulling… so I did the next best thing.

I just started wrapping that comet tail around my index finger, until all five feet had broken free of the nasal cavity.

And then Thing 2 took an enormous breath in and yelled, “Look, Mommy!”  And he started breathing like a bull dog on inhaler treatments, in and out of his nose.  I think he was plum amazed at ALL THE OXYGEN AVAILABLE!

The poor darling.

And yes… for the record… there was some cleanup and some sterilization involved, and now I’m a real mother.

None of that has anything to do with tonight’s blog post, because EWWW!  Who writes about barehanded vomit catches and the world’s biggest boogers?  We’re just a PG place here at Jedi Mama, Incorporated.

On Thursday, we woke up to snow, because apparently we hopscotched over FALL.  On Friday morning, with the thermometers shouting out that it was a balmy 31 degrees with an icy breeze, I bundled Thing 2 up so that we could GET.  OUT.  OF.  THE HOUSE!!!

IMG_9126I won’t lie to you:  It was COLD.  And that’s saying something, because I live inside of a body that’s trying to give me a preview of how things are going to shake down when menopause actually rolls around.  My doctor insists that I’m too young to be going through HOT!  I’M SO HOT!  I’M ROASTING! I FEEL LIKE I’M ON A ROTISSERIE ABOVE A FIRE PIT BUILT BY NATIVES WEARING LOIN CLOTHS AND BONE JEWELRY! right now, which makes me love her more than I did to begin with, but dang.

I am never cold any more, and I want to throw every pair of flannel sheets that we own into the city landfill.

And, with that said… I was cold on Friday morning, while Thing 2 stomped around in the snow.

IMG_9129 IMG_9133 IMG_9136 IMG_9137 IMG_9139After a while, we met up with our 4th grade friend, Daniel.  He and his sister are homeschooled, and they are very possibly the sweetest children we know.  Their manners are stellar; their hearts are golden.  I’m pretty sure that Jesus does nothing but grin from ear to ear, all day long, at Daniel and his sister.

Daniel and Thing 2 played all over together in the snow.

IMG_9141 IMG_9151 IMG_9161 IMG_9164And then Daniel — THE SWEETEST BOY I KNOW!! — sat down with Thing 2 and taught him how to eat snow!!!

This is just a confirmation to how laid back I am with my second son.  Had this been the boy at age two, I would have pounced on them and tried to wash everyone’s tongues with Germ-X because PLAGUE!!  PLAGUE!!!!!!

But it’s Thing 2, and he’s Number Two, and his immune system is as solid as steel.

The way I saw things on Friday… I wasn’t going to have to give our toddler a snack when we got home, because he ate his snack while we were out.

IMG_9168 IMG_9178IMG_9188So those were snapshots of what things were like on Friday MORNING in Small Town, USA, and then…

… THIS is a snapshot of what things were like on Sunday afternoon here:

IMG_9206On Sunday, we had the most glorious fall weather of EVER!  The snow had melted, the air was warm and calm, the breeze was gentle and cooling, and we could have been in a Normal Rockwell painting.  Only in Small Town, USA can you go from SNOW-AND-FREEZING on Friday to GLORIOUSLY-WARM-AND-PERFECT on Sunday.

The boy and his friend Kellen took their very first tennis lesson of ever on Sunday afternoon.

IMG_9208Hubs and I had been thinking for a while now that the boy would probably dig tennis, but we had never taken the time to pursue lessons for him.

(That might have been because I was always very busy cleaning up all the boxes of crackers that Thing 2 takes out of our pantry and stomps to dust on the floor.)


(No.  I’m never dramatic.)

(Why do you ask?)

But, on Sunday, we had our act together enough to join Kellen for lessons, because Kellen’s mom made the phone call and scheduled them.

(She doesn’t have a toddler at her house whose Indian name would be Walks In Cracker Crumbs.)

IMG_9221 IMG_9224 IMG_9226 IMG_9231 IMG_9235 IMG_9240 IMG_9243 IMG_9245 IMG_9246 IMG_9256 IMG_9258 IMG_9260 IMG_9253While the big boys were busy learning backhand and forehand swings, Thing 2 ran sixty-three miles around the adjoining tennis court.

(And no.  I never exaggerate, either.)

IMG_9209 IMG_9212 IMG_9217Thing 2 LOVES soccer.

Loves!!  It!!

In fact, I have no idea HOW we are going to survive the boy’s fall soccer season, which is also upon us right now, because Thing 2 cannot understand why HE can’t be on the junior high soccer team with the big kids!  He has no idea why HE must sit on the sidelines and NOT PLAY SOCCER HIMSELF!

He insists that his sneakers are actually called Soccer Shoes.

And yesterday, he played soccer by himself with a tennis ball.

IMG_9218Hubs and I have no doubt that Thing 2 will probably ROCK the soccer field, when he’s FINALLY old enough to be on a real team.

We also have no doubt that he’ll probably be handed a few red cards over the season.

IMG_9271 IMG_9272 IMG_9273 IMG_9262 IMG_9268 IMG_9269 IMG_9270 IMG_9297 IMG_9298 IMG_9308Thing 2 also entertained himself with his tractor at a little table next to the tennis courts…

IMG_9321 IMG_9317 IMG_9309 IMG_9312 IMG_9322 IMG_9323 IMG_9324And?

Well, I know that I saw it ALL OF THE STINKING TIME…

… but my boys really ARE the cutest ones this side of the Mississippi River.

IMG_9329 IMG_9332 IMG_9339 IMG_9340 IMG_9345 IMG_9364 IMG_9362

The boy and Kellen both declared that YES!  TENNIS IS A TOTAL BLAST!  They’re booked for more lessons next weekend, in fact.

Later last night, the boy said, “Well, it wasn’t golf, and golf really is the most fun sport in the world, but I loved tennis today, Mom!”

After tennis lessons were over, we dropped by Kellen’s house to show his new goats to Thing 2.

IMG_9372 IMG_9374 IMG_9377 IMG_9383I have decided that our family needs a little goat!

I was in love with both of them, and so were our boys.

The big boys got some spear-throwing in, as well as some wrestling moves practiced while we were at Kellen’s house.

IMG_9396 IMG_9403 IMG_9409 IMG_9417 IMG_9427 IMG_9435 IMG_9439And then…

… this is where I feared things would start.

Kellen introduced the toddler to Goat Riding yesterday afternoon, and we know that our son won’t be satisfied until he moves up the ranks and leaves the little goats behind…

IMG_9444 IMG_9447… so that he can ride the big bulls in the rodeo.

And THAT will put me in an asylum for sure, because my baby IS NOT going to be a bull rider, regardless of the fact that Hubs keeps insisting that Thing 2 is TOUGH ENOUGH to ride the big beasts at the rodeo.

The end.

Watching one of my children crawl over the chutes and get on the back of a bull will put me in the asylum faster than an entire dump truck load of cracker dust will do.

And that, people, is going to do it for tonight.  We have the boy’s first soccer game here in a few minutes, and then I have to dream up something quick and easy to make for dinner, because I know that I’ll be dealing with a house filled with starving menfolk.

Y’all have a merry Monday evening.

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  1. from the mother who has the cutest kid on the other side of the Mississippi that will also be a red carded soccer player…I love your blog. I am one of those “American” readers of every single post. You make me laugh. My crazy son is only 6 months older than yours so I can relate to so much.

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