The Post That Is Boring Enough To Put You To Sleep. You’re Welcome.

Well, I think summer might’ve officially been put to bed here in Small Town.

At least for this week.

I sent the boy to school today with a JACKET, y’all.  A jacket.  We haven’t seen one of those since last April, and there was some confusion this morning as to WHERE DO THE ARMS GO, as he reacquainted himself with the extra layer of fabric that would help ward off the chilly morning temps.

After the boy went to school, I had a little impromptu coffee time at my house, because… GLORY BE!  The little cowgirl who does my nails paid a PEDICURE HOUSE CALL on me at 8:15, and THAT is the way a girl should be treated.  In-home pedicures really are the bomb, and I felt like my position in my own chair, with my feet soaking in warm water, IN MY OWN HOME, really did proclaim that I was the rightful heiress to the throne.  Sister came over, too, and we laughed and sipped coffee and watched my toenails get filed down like a good ranch woman knew what she was doing with a calf’s hind hoof and painted up in some glorious shade of FALL PURPLE.

(I have no idea what you call this color.  But it’s the purple that goes with fall.  And it sparkles a bit, which pretty much made me want to run around barefoot all day long, even when it was time to pick the boy up from the junior high this afternoon, but then I remembered… STANDARDS, PEOPLE.  Standards.)

Our coffee / pedicure time was punctuated by Thing 2 and Cousin H arguing over THAT’S MY BIKE and I WANT TO RIDE THAT BIKE and DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME SAY THAT’S MY BIKE and WELL, I REALLY WANT TO RIDE IT and HOW ABOUT I JUST PINCH A BLOODY LITTLE HOLE RIGHT INTO YOUR UPPER CHEEK, BECAUSE MINE!  MINE!  MINE!!!  The problem with these two little cousins is that they’re so much younger than their siblings, they have NOTHING to fight about at home.  So… they argue with one another, just as well as ANY brother and sister combo would do.  Cousin H puts on her VERY BOSSY voice with Thing 2, because FINALLY!  SOMEONE YOUNGER THAN I AM THAT I CAN BE THE VOICE OF AUTHORITY TO!, and Thing 2 puts on his I CAN THROW A PUNCH WITH MY LEFT HAND BETTER THAN MOHAMMAD ALI COULD attitude.

But… honestly… our two toddlers really do love one another.  There was much embracing between the two of them, because they were so excited to see each other again this morning, and they even shared their snacks back and forth.

Later this afternoon, Thing 2 had a nap, and I had some quick chores, and then we picked the boy up from school and ran him out to the golf course, so that he could practice again with the high school team.

And then Thing 2 remembered, in his carseat, that he was stung by a wasp on his thumb at the park YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, so he began telling me all about it… AGAIN!… and then he started bawling, because he remembered how badly it had hurt, and ALRIGHT, ALREADY!  That was YESTERDAY!


When he finally decided that YOU KNOW WHAT?  THAT STING WAS YESTERDAY AND MY THUMB FEELS FINE TODAY, all the tears stopped, and he was back to jabbering on about tractors, excavators and bulldozers, which is what he usually talks about while we’re driving.

And that’s been today, y’all.  The temps are cooler… We’re looking forward to Fall being here… and the arrival of big sweatshirts… and pots of chili… and stews in the crockpots… and the weekend.

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  1. I am surprised Thing 2 settled down so quickly after recounting his traumatic event involving a wasp. I was also stung by a wasp this summer. First time in my life that has ever happened. And I’ll tell you what…the spot was swollen, sore, and itchy for ten days. And yes, it did hurt worse on day two!! If the baby needs some real sympathy, tell him to just give me a call, I’m all ears, and I can speak some limited “John Deere” as well!!

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