What Does The Fox Say?

I have heard the song, “What Does the Fox Say” sixteen thousand, four hundred and twenty-one times.

And that was just during this past holiday weekend.

The song is Thing 2’s all-time favorite.  He rates it as highly as he rates DIGGING IN THE DIRT and WATCHING TRACTORS GET SOME WORK DONE and EATING POPCORN.  He can sing every word to the fox song, and he dances like a lunatic EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME. that he hears it.

So… when I saw THIS little number on the World Wide Web a few weeks ago, I sort of knew that we had to have it.IMG_8902When the mailman delivered it to our doorstep, I opened the package and showed it to the toddler.

He gasped.

I kid y’all not… Thing 2 really and truly and very literally GASPED when he saw it!  And then he shouted out, loud enough for the folks in the neighboring county to hear, “Awww!!!  A kitty!!!!

I was pretty sure that this was a sign that I need to step up my game on LET’S LEARN ANIMAL NAMES WITH MAMA.

I told Thing 2, “This is a fox, you dingbat!”

(For the record, that toddler calls ME a dingbat all the time, and then he howls with the giggles.  A chance to reciprocate had finally happened.)

After being set straight on ANIMALS I RECOGNIZE FROM THE WILD, Thing 2 grabbed the little sweater out of my hands and shouted, “Fox shirt!  Fox shirt!  Wear it!  Wear it NOW!!!!!!”

And that’s when I said, “It’s practically a hundred degrees outside, and this is a SWEATER, Son.  You’re not trying to sweat off ten pounds to make weight for a wrestling team.  Sweaters are for wintertime.”

To say that Thing 2 was disappointed would be an understatement.  He packed that sweater around the house, whining, “Wear… it.  Wear… it,” until I finally let him.

And then I hid it in the closet, because summer was still slinging it’s ugly, hot head around.

Then… this past Sunday dawned all cloudy and rainy and wet and chilly.  It was exactly like we were living in northwest Washington, but without the vampires.  The weather gave us the perfect window of time to wear the fox sweater to church.

I thought Thing 2 was going to burst his chest wide open with pride!  He strutted all over our house, rubbing the front of his sweater and hollering out, “Fox shirt!!  Fox shirt!!”  It was a good excuse to do a little impromptu photo shoot.

(And YES.  Thing 2 wore a pair of jeans with a little hole in one knee to church, but Jesus didn’t care.)

IMG_8897 IMG_8898 IMG_8911 IMG_8914Apparently the photo shoot ended with a rogue booger that needed to be taken care of…  Thing 2 is ALWAYS one to take care of business.

IMG_8916Y’all have a merry Tuesday.

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